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So sorry I've been MIA, I have had so much going on that I just have not had time to sit down and write, You would think I would have the time being a SAHM and running a home day care, HA HA Not. It's been super stressful. Since I last wrote, we have gotten rid of our dog, (To a close family member) he was just too hyper and kept the kids awake during nap time. And parents were complaining. He would steal our food, and our king sized bed was just not big enough. Though I did love him. He just needed a fenced in yard to run around in. So I contacted my amazing cousin, who wanted him from the day we brought him home. And I promised her that she would be the one to get him if we ever decided to get rid of him. So she came and picked him up, took him home and he has loved it there ever since. There are other dogs for him to play with and tons of room to roam.

I have also gotten a new baby to watch full time. Not necessarily "New" since I watched her before we moved to Timbuktu and went to high school with her mom. BUT it is full time M-F until November, So any extra income at this point is good. So now I have 3 kiddo's running around destroying my house and I just can't keep up with keeping it clean. I am such a bad house wife! LOL. Laundry gets washed, never gets put away, so we just pull clothes out of the baskets. Dishes get done every 2 days, and never get put away in the cabinets until the dishwasher is needed to be refilled with the dirty dishes to be washed. I did manage to sweep and mop the hall and kitchen floor yesterday. And I need a different mop. Have you ever tried to sweep/mop/vacuum with a baby on your back? Yup that is what I have to do, to get anything done on Sunday's and Wednesdays. Because I have my handsome Mr. G. who is almost 10 months old and refuses to be left alone. So I strap him on my back and do my wifely duties around the house.

Bug is getting so smart and so big, He now can say like 10 different words in sign language, He is just stubborn and wont do them when anyone is watching. He is also helping mommy do the house cleaning. But he makes a game out of it, NO I don't force him to help. He ask's. I love this age. I am so glad he is so calm and collected being 31 months old. The 3 year old boy I watch is a holy terror. I don't think Bug has EVER gotten to be THAT bad, and I pray he never does, Because I tell you, this little boy is nuts. He will seriously sit there and throw himself on the floor, DAILY, If he doesn't get what he want's when he want's it. I feel so bad, and because I attachment parent, it makes it super hard. Because even me being calm and peaceful towards him, He does not "Get It". It is very sad. Because I know his parent's aren't peaceful with him. And I know that effects him as a person. But there is not much I can do other than keep being peaceful and allowing him to be mean and hurtful and try to explain to him why it is wrong. Because I am not the one to discipline him. That is his parents job. He also wont use the potty. Just plain out refuses. He won't tell me he needs to potty and will poop in his pullup. I thought I was done with changing diapers and pullups. Guess not. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping potty learn a child, but when the child down right refuses and jumps off the potty and refuses to allow me to wipe his poop covered bum, It gets frustrating, And I am only human. So I have to walk away (after I clean him) And collect myself. Because I am working on myself as a person. To be calmer and more peaceful every day. And that is difficult when the child is so free spirited. I think I need to buy the book "Raising your Spirited Child" Heck, I may buy it, read it and pass it onto J's parents. Because I know they need some sort of help with this child. More than I can provide.

On another note, I still can't convince DH to set a wedding date, Or convince him to have another baby. But I swear, If these baby dreams don't stop, I am going to loose my mind. Seriously it's like EVERY night, I have a dream about being pregnant, or breastfeeding or birthing, or SOMETHING. It is getting worse. The dream/nightmare, I had last night is still bothering me now. It was just so shocking and so REAL. I woke up crying and reaching for my belly. I don't want to say what happened, but lets just say, I hope it NEVER happens to me. Even though it is very possible, as it could and does happen daily to a lot of people. I just hope it's never me. I pray it's never me.

Well, I got to get off here, and work on the design on my blog and see If I can find some sweepstakes to enter, I was watching TLC last night and saw some guy "work" 8 hours a day entering sweepstakes and winning a bunch of stuff. I wanna see If I can do it. :)
I will post and let y'all know if I find any good websites.


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