New outlook on life

The past few weeks have been really hard on me. As I don't want to go into great details, lets just say it was not easy. I have been going out of my mind so to speak. I have been really depressed but now things are back on track and everything is looking up. I am so ready for the new year to be here. To start out fresh. I want the holidays to come so I can be in a better mood. I am NOT going to let the little things get me down anymore. I am not going to allow my Bipolar disorder to get me down. I am stronger. I am so ready to make a new me. And be excited to wake up in the morning. Well, not so much the morning, LOL. But when I do wake up.
 I am ready for change.
 To better myself, To better my family and to better my relationship with my fiance'.
Things can only get better from here. The road may be hard, But I'm not ready to give up.


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