Our Christmas

Yes, this is 2 days late, But I have not been online. I have been enjoying my family.
So I hope you all had a great Christmas. We did. It was Hubby's first Christmas not working so we got to spend it with him. It was lovely. I always enjoy when hubby is not working and we can spend time together as a family. It does not happen much, but when it does, It is the best ever. 

We slept in Christmas morning until close to 10am. I woke up squished between Bug and Hubbs. Oh the joys of bedsharing. I also woke up with a splitting headache. But I got up, And let Bug open his presents. He had been pestering me all Christmas Eve to open all of his presents. But we only allowed him to open 2 on Christmas Eve. It is tradition in my family to open 1 present, But I since 1 of them was not wrapped, we cheated and let him "OPEN" 1 and just gave him the other, Since it was too big to wrap.

Daddy distracted him in the living room while I dragged his present from the spare room into his room and once it was in there, I covered his eyes and walked him in. It was priceless.
Once in the room, he was shocked to see what was waiting for him. He had been saving his change for the past 8 months for "Thomas the train" and he had just enough in his bank to get "Thomas the train"

Okay, so it is not exactly "Thomas the train" But he loved it. And he has not stopped playing with it since Daddy put it together. It is an awesome train set, and we searched high and low for it. Every online store said it was out of stock. They lied. We called our only local Babies R Us and they had it.
It was online, on sale for $119.99
Babies R Us, not only had it, but had it for $99.99 And I got a free 75 piece block set a $15 value for free with it. So we scored. Saved $80 on it. And we only had to pay $30 out of pocket because Bug had $70 in CHANGE in his bank. Crazy huh? But when every penny we find it put in there, it add's up.
I never pass up picking up a penny on the ground anymore. 

New PJ's

I scored this for $12 at Marshalls. 

So our Christmas was great. We went and visited Hubby's grandma. Bug's Great Grandma. And it has been way too long since she has seen him. And we stayed there for a few hours and let her enjoy seeing him. Then we headed back home. Bug and I spent the last bit of Christmas together, while Hubby went to go spend time with his brother, who is moving in 3 months to another state, so he is trying to spend as much time with him as he can, As he does not know when the next time he will see him again, after he moves.

I have to say, this Christmas has been the best out of our 3 Christmas's together. Bug finally "got it" this year. And though I really don't wanna do the whole "Santa Clause" thing with him, my family has already implanted it into his head that Santa brought him presents. I don't want Christmas to only be about presents. I want him to know the real meaning behind it all. But he kept saying "Santa come here, Santa bring presents"

What am I to do? I am torn between allowing myself and family to *LIE* to him about a fictional character, and letting him believe. I don't know what to do. I think I was about 6 years old when I found out Santa was not real. And I was not upset at all. I only found out because I found where my dad hid the presents. LOL.

Well, I guess we will just play it by ear next year, and if he want's to believe, I am in no way going to promote it or talk about it. But if he wants to believe, I will let him.

Do you let your kids do the whole Santa thing? Or are you also against *Lying* to them.


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