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This review & giveaway is brought to you by TruKid.

They graciously allowed me to review 2 of their products.
I received the Silly Shampoo & Dancing Hair Detangler.
The shampoo came with a really neat pump that allows your kid to help put the soap in their own hair or for a parent that has their hands full and need an extra hand to dispense the soap. I love it. 
And samples of the Rockin Rump Rash Cream, that is not yet on the market. But is an amazing product. I can't wait till they put it in their product line. 

A little about the company:

Our Mission: 
By Providing quality products and education to our consumers, as well as a fun and exciting work enviorment to our staff, TruKid is what a company and it's products should be: Safe, fun and effective. The goal of TruKid is to encourage a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. TruKid: Our product is skincare, our business is healthy living. 

Our Philosophy:

We encourage kids to for healthy habits that last a lifetime. By combining all natural skin care with fun and education, TruKid cultivates a relationship between healthy habits and being a kid. In turn our goal is that kids will grow up taking care of themselves, each other and their enviorment. From our Friendly Face wash, to our Funny Foot Cream, Families receive only the best of ingredients, attention and dedication to their well being. 
Parent Tip
I love this "Parent Tip" 

I LOVE that this company has only natural healthy ingredients. They even have a page on their website that has a list of all the ingredients and a list of what the ingredients do. So you will never second guess what you are bathing your precious baby with. I am so proud of this company and very happy that I have found a new brand of products to use on my little guy. And I know that only natural ingredients go into each product. You can find the list of the ingredients HERE

Then they have an awesome list of ingredients that can be found in "Mainstream Stores".
That list can be found HERE

Here is that list of "Toxic Bad Guys" to be on the look out for when you buy "Other" products. 

The following ingredients have been linked to one or more of the following: cancer, neuro-damage, and developmental/reproductive toxicity. (NOTE: The following ingredients are in no particular order.)
  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-Can be found in 90% of products that lather
  2. Avobenzone- Can be found in sunscreen
  3. PABA and PABA esters- Can be found in lipstick; products with SPF; lip balm; skin fading/lightener; conditioner; facial moisturizer/treatment; moisturizer; styling gel/lotion
  4. Cinnamates, also seen as Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) - Can be found in sunscreen
  5. Diethanolamine and triethanolamine- Can be found in foundation; sunscreen SPF 15 and above; hair color and bleaching; moisturizer
  6. Paraben preservatives, (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, ethyl, isobutyl)- Can be found in facial moisturizer/treatment; anti-aging moisturizer; facial cleanser, sunscreen SPF 15 and above; conditioner; eye shadow; hair color and bleaching; foundation; shampoo
  7. Polyethylene glycol (also listed as PEG)- Can be found in facial moisturizer/treatment; hair color and bleaching; anti-aging moisturizer; facial cleanser; conditioner; shampoo; styling gel/lotion; body wash/cleanser; antiperspirant/deodorant
  8. Phthalates (listed under fragrance, if not named) - Can be found in nail polish, nail treatment, cuticle treatment.
  9. Benzophone, more commonly known as oxybenzone- Can be found in Sunscreen
  10. Formaldehyde derivatives- can be found in nail polishes and treatments
Note: Did you know with all of the personal care products you use every day, you could be putting toxins into your body up to 25 times a day

I had heard great things about TruKid. And I just had to see for myself. So I received the products in the mail. And I have to say they have some of the best products I have ever tried on my sons hair.

Let me start off by saying, My 3 year old has WILD hair. Like wake up from a nap and looks like a tumbleweed flew through his hair. I don't want to cut it again. So we had to find a solution to keeping the wild hair manageable. Not an easy task. I will tell you.

My Review:

So we have been using these products for about 3 weeks. And they are seriously top quality. They work amazing on my little man and his wild hair.
He actually looks forward to having his hair brushed in the morning, after naps and after baths.
This company hit the nail on the head when making these products. You will not be disappointed when using TruKid Silly shampoo and Dancing Hair Detangler.
I will never buy another brand of soap again. This stuff is chock full of awesomeness.

I give this company and products I reviewed 10 out of 10

After a nap.....

The back.....

The side..... Can you see the craziness in there? LOL

Showing mommy the Dancing Hair Detangler

See mommy!!!

The AFTER....He is so handsome

The back....

The Curls!!!!!! 

Buy it:
You can purchase TruKid Silly Shampoo And Dancing Hair Detangler from
Silly Shampoo is HERE
Dancing Hair Detangler is HERE

Win It:
TruKid Has offered ONE reader of mine the same products I have received.
1 Silly shampoo & 1 Dancing detangler!!! How awesome is that?

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