Happy New Years.... 2 days late.

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve.
I spend mine at home in bed with my 2 guys. They both fell asleep at like 11pm so I was ringing in the new year, alone, watching the ball drop on tv. I stayed up till about 12:30 and I passed out.

It is not how I imagined my 21st new years to be, But I would not change it for anything. This past year has been full of stress, but alot of good did come from it. We bought our first home. We have come together more as a family. So many things have happened. But I can say I am so glad that 2011 is in the past. A new year to start fresh. A new year to do things I wanna do.

When we get income tax returns, I am going to be starting my Doula Certification.
And also my CPST certification.

I am super excited to do both of these things. Once I complete these 2 things, I plan to go forth with my Lactation consultant certification. I want to do my part and do what I can to help others have the Labor and Birth they want, I want to help them with Breastfeeding, And I would like to help make sure every child I know, Is properly restrained in their car seats and that those car seat's are installed into the car's properly.
Did you know that 8 out of 10 car seats are installed improperly.

Anyways, My new years consisted of spending time with Bug and Hubby. Even though they fell asleep on me before the new year. I did snap me and bugs first picture in 2012 together.

The joys of bedsharing.

Yea, I look like a mess, I can't wait till my bangs grow out. I'm kicking myself for cutting it.

So how did you spend your New Years Eve?


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