Mini Vacation

I am going to be going out of town Wednesday until Saturday. I am unsure if I will be able to post or not. But I do have someone coming to fix my blog template. You will not see any changes being made until it is live on the blog. She is working offline to get everything fixed. Her work is awesome. You will all love the change. Because what is live on the blog right now is not working. This new template is cleaner and more organized. I have many great reviews and giveaways coming. So please check back soon for these and the changes.

I will be trying to post while I am gone, but that is only if I can get to a McDonalds to get the free wifi. But I don't know if I will have time. I will post about my trip once we get back. I have alot to do before our trip. So I may not post again before I leave. Please enter the giveaways that are live. One ends tomorrow at midnight.

I can't wait to get this change done. I hope you all will love it.


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  1. Just coming by to bring some alexa love. I also left you a review. Please stop by my blog at my link to a review is on the right below my button on the sidebar. Thanks!


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