Zoobies Blanket Pet's Review & Giveaway

I found this super neat company called Zoobies and knew this was something I wanted to review.
My son loves all things blankets and pillows. I can't even count the number of blankets this boy has in his bed. He takes them everywhere. And we have dedicated his Zoobie Blanket Pet to be our car seat blanket. Because we all know we can't use thick jackets in the car, the Zoobie Blanket is super warm and soft.
It makes it super easy to keep him warm in the car, on the days we have cold fronts here in Florida. He loves how big the blanket is that he can cover his whole body with it. Heck, Mama steals it when it gets cold in the house and I can keep warm with it because it fits over me. I love that this is a great spin off of similar items on the market, that we own. That I won't name. This compared to the "Other pillow animals" It astounding.
Zoobie Blanket Pets are softer, stay together better while in animal mode, has a nifty blanket that zips in and is super easy to remove, and is a pillow as well. There is so many great qualities to this blanket it is unreal. Every kid should own one. And everyone that is a kid a heart and has a love for animals should own one. They are for "All Ages" so you as an adult can get away with having one RIGHT?

Blanket Pets are not the only products that Zoobie Pets carries. They also have:
Slumber Pets for ages 3+
Blankie Babies for ages 0-2 years
Story Time Pals for all ages
The quality on these things are amazing. I can not find one flaw on this Zoobie Blanket Pet. Here are some up close photos that I took of Taj the tiger that we received.

 He is so soft and fuzzy.

I love the little collar that comes with them. 

 How adorable is that curly tail?

 His face is so loveable. In animal mode.

In pillow mode.

 Frontal view of pillow mode


 The tag on him.

 This shows how the pillow folds and turns into the animal. I love the hook and loop. Stays together perfectly.

 The zipper compartment

 Opened. Extra zipper inside

 Blanket zipped to animal.

 Up close of the zipper

 Zipped to the blanket

 HUGE blanket

 Folded in thirds.

 Folded up.

 Stuffed inside

Happy toddler with Taj The Tiger.

Now this Blanket Pet is seriously amazing. The quality, the fabric, how happy it makes my 3 year old. It is a must have in my book. especially since it is great for Car Seats in the winter. There are no sharp edges that can harm you in the event of a wreck.

Buy It: You can purchase a Zoobie Blanket Pet in a local store near you. Check the online guide to the closest one near you. I was very surprised to find they are sold very close to me.

Store Finder
OR Online just click on the individual product you want and add it to your cart. You can use the code "Parenthood" for 20% off any Zoobie product purchased through their site. 

Win It:
Zoobie Pets has graciously offered 1 reader a Zoobie Blanket Pet of their choice. How awesome is that? They are all super cute. Make sure to check them out and tell me what one you want.

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  1. Honestly, I think all of them are adorable! My niece and nephews would love them! :)

  2. Mudd the Moose is cute! jj250@aol.com

  3. I LOVE Lencho the lion. How cute! and the hair in his mane sticks up just like my 6 month olds hair does, its so cute

  4. Cookie the Cow is just adorable! My 15 month old LOVES cows so I can only imagine her face if she got this! And you are right, they look PERFECT for the car seat!


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