AnyBook by Franklin Electronic Publishers {Review & Giveaway}

This review and giveaway is brought to you by AnyBook. 

I was contacted by Anybook and asked if I would like to review a book reader. I was super excited about this because Bug loves books. But I don't always have time during the day to read to him. So I was super quick to jump at this opportunity.

Anybook is a hand held recording device used by an adult to record their voice reading books. Anybook is not like any other reader that is on the market that helps your child read. It is different. The Difference? It can do just what it's name says. Read any text that is in a book. How does it do that you ask? Well it comes with these nifty stickers that has some sort of awesome memory program and you record 1 page per sticker. All your child has to do is touch the reader device to the sticker on each page, and it will read the text that mom, dad or grandparents record in their voice. It is awesome. Bug is so giddy and thinks it is funny to hear mommy's voice coming out of the reader. He is able to take a handful of books to his Nana's house and still have me read to him. I love how slim the reader is. It was a bit tricky at first to figure out how to record my voice on the stickers, but after about 30 mins of playing with it, I got it to work. I have never seen a type of reader that works like this one does. It is flawless. I love the versatility of it. My son can have any of his hundreds of books read to him, while I am working, cleaning, or blogging. I do not believe this in any way forms detachment parenting. Sometimes we just get so busy, it is impossible to sit and read to our children when so much has to be done. I do make sure to still sit and read 1 book with him every night after bath time. This device is not a replacement for spending time with your kids. It just makes it easier if you have a child that could read books for 6 hours straight like Bug.
AnyBook comes in two forms. A 15 hour reader, and a 60 hour reader.
Each AnyBook Reader comes with a set of stickers. Replacement stickers are only $10. Which is great but I promise you, the pack it comes with is plenty for starters.  The stickers come with sound effect stickers so you can make any book come to life with sounds. They are really neat. The book reader comes with 10 sheets of stickers. That is 200 stickers. So up to 200 pages of books that you can program to read to your child. It is so neat, I think everyone should own one of these things. 

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You will love this thing.

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