Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review

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I was given a very awesome opportunity to review a costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. I already knew which one we would be reviewing since last Halloween and Bug saw a kid wearing a Thomas the Tank costume. I sat with Bug and browsed the site and right away he said he wanted the Thomas the Tank. So that is the one we picked. Shipping was lightning fast. I always love than in a company.

As soon as the package came (and don't I love when they come) We opened it up, and Bug wanted to try it on right away. It was super cute and Bug LOVED it. That is always a plus in my book. We put it on and let him play in it. He walked around the house pretending to be a train. It was the cutest thing EVER. He didn't want to take it off. He probably would have slept in it had I allowed him to. He ask's every day to wear it. I would love to let him but I'm afraid that he may never take it off. It fits him perfectly. It is a one size fits all type of outfit. And I have to say, for him being as small as he is, it fits to a T. He loves wearing the hat that came with it. He is my little choo-choo train. I am a little bias but he is the most adorable train I have ever seen. I can't wait till Halloween for him to wear it and show it off. How many people can say they got their kid's Halloween Costume in January? I love that I am not waiting until the last minute to buy one. I highly recommend checking out Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Their prices are awesome, and shipping is super fast. So even if you are like me and wait till the last minute to buy a costume, you will get it in no time. And they have flat rate shipping. Super inexpensive. So you get great quality costumes, super low Discounted prices, same day shipping if order is placed before 3pm EST time and lighting fast shipping. What more could you ask for? They seriously have some of the lowest prices out there for costumes.

Notice the Thomas PJ's? He is kinda obsessed. :) 

 I can't wait to come back and buy more costumes. Because they are not only great for Halloween, but they are amazing for pretend play and helping your children's imagination grow. They can be anything they want to be. That is what I was always brought up with being told. I can be anyone I want to be and do anything I want to do. Well with these costumes, you can let them be anyone or anything they want to be because the possibilities are endless, and so are their imaginations. They are only little once. Let them enjoy this time and dress up often and create their own little fantasy worlds where they rule everything.

I remember as a kid going to my grandparents house and my wonderful grandmother who I love so much, would allow us to create forts in her living room with tons of blankets, and chairs. We would pin the blankets together and wrap them around the chairs. Back then we didn't have the awesome costumes like Wholesale Halloween Costumes carry. We had to make our own out of blankets and sheets. Or my loving grandmother would sew us up anything we wanted. She actually did make our costumes for several years as a kid. My aunt helped her with them. They have always had a love for sewing. They also made tons of other outfits for us. But my point is, Allow your kids to enjoy dressing up, all year round. Not just 1 night a year. Let their imagination soar and let them play as loud as they want, you will miss it once they are grown.

They have costumes for everyone. They also carry accessories for the costumes. You really should come check it out. And buy your costumes here. They have some really superb customer service. 
Disclosure: I was provided a free product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. I was not paid in any monetary fashion for anything I wrote. Your experience may vary. 


  1. He is darling in the costume! Just goes to show, costumes are NOT just for Halloween!

  2. That is awesome. I love the costume!!!

  3. My favorite part is the hat! As you said in your review, products from Wholesale Halloween Costumes don't have to be just for Halloween. My 5 year old niece loves to get into her Halloween costume for pretend play.

  4. How cute! Costumes are fun to play in all year round!


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