A few ways to earn free cash and prizes

So people always ask, How do you get free stuff? Well here it is:

Swag Bucks:
Swag Bucks is my number 1 money maker! I get free amazon and free pay pal cash. How awesome is that? It takes a while to get the points but once you do, You get on a roll and earn more and more.
Ways to earn swag bucks:
Search and win! You can win up to like 4 times daily but rarely ever in a row. I find going between images and web, you earn faster that way.
Swag codes, Swag guy gives out codes at least 1 a day. They are always for different amounts and ALWAYS in different places. You can never share the codes with anyone, so never post them publicly.
There is a long list of ways to earn points. I am not going to list them all. Click THIS LINK to sign up. It is so worth it.

<a target="_top" href="http://swagbucks.com/refer/Wife2JoshMama2Logan3808"><img alt="Search & Win" title="Search & Win" border="0" src="http://prodegebanners.sitegrip.com/images/swagbucks-120x600Alt7.jpg"></a>

I have $18 in Inboxdollars right now. It takes $30 to cash out, but It is worth it when that time will come. It is not difficult to earn money. I only do the paid emails. But you can do surveys and earn more faster. I just dont have the time to do all the surveys they send out. And it is A lot. For this one I would create a separate email address just for it, so you don't loose any of the emails.
Also sign up for any of the paid emails, that the send you, And you earn money back for completing a task.
Love coupons? Why not use print them from inbox dollars and earn money back for every coupon you redeem at your local store? I have done it and it works. But you have to actually redeem them. You don't get the points for just printing them.
Sign up for Inboxdollars HERE.
I will also post a button on the side in case this gets lost.

Ebates.com is another great way to earn cash. But this way, is in checks mailed to you from percentages back on online purchases you have made. It can range from 10% back on down. Depending on WHERE you shop. I have only gotten 1 check since signing up, but it is a great way to earn every time you buy something online. Sign up HERE to start saving.

CrowdTap is an awesome place to get free full sized samples from companies. Sign up and get to level 2, you will start getting more actions. The more points you get the more actions you get.
Quickhits are easy ways to earn points quickly. It did take me about 3 days to get to level 3 where I am now, But I got a full size sample from old navy for what they were looking for in my age category.
Sign up for CrowdTap HERE.

ValuedOpinions, is a great survey site that will send you checks after enough money has been earned. You can sign up for that HERE

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