Our trip to Chuck E Cheese's- A late Wordless Wednesday.

We had such a blast at Chuck E Cheese on Wednesday, 
I would have posted on Wednesday or Thursday, Sorry its late, but we were all very tired Wednesday and Thursday I was busy ALL day having 3 boys under 35 months in my house. (which will be daily starting in August) Yes I am crazy. 
Anyways, ChuckECheese was so much fun. Bug had a blast running around and playing games. Even though he wouldn't really play them, he would put the coin in, then run away to a new one. LOL. He did love the playground part which mommy had to help him climb up the steps every time because the way they have it built, its not for short kids. Lets just say, mommy is not made for jungle gyms anymore 0_o.
I mainly just sat in the jungle gym part waiting for him to go thru, then slide down the slide and come back for more. He would go thru it in under a minute each time so I was tired of going in and out just to help him up. 
I didn't get very many pictures but the few I did get were great because they were from the sketch machine. They all turned out awesome. But sadly, I did not get one of just the 3 of us. It seem's to always be, Me and Bug, or Daddy and Bug or Mommy and Daddy. One day soon, We will be getting our family pictures taken. Once money allows. But until then, I will cherish the Daddy and Bug pictures and Mommy and Bug pictures.
Here are those pictures

I printed coupons from Chuck E Cheese Website to save some money for this trip. Make sure if you ever plan to go, Print the coupons HERE because they will save you money. 
By the way, Their Kid Check Program is awesome. They wont let anyone leave without the numbers on the children and parents matching.


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