Update on Grandma

So Grandma has been home just over a week now, And I am very happy to say that she is doing so much better. She is still very weak, but she is getting by. My aunt is leaving to go back to Alabama today and will be back soon, we don't have a date on when she will be back, but she will be moving back. I am so excited about this, as I never got to spend any real time with her growing up because she moved to Alabama when I was younger. I've always worried about her with the tornadoes and such up there, And with the recent ones in Alabama, one hit like 3 miles from her home. It will be so nice to have her here with us where we know she is safe. And It makes my grandparents feel better knowing that she is here and gets to spend more time with her. We have all missed her. And she has been such a great help to us since she has been back. It is hard for me to pack up and stay with my grandparents because of having Bug. But I will do it in an instant to help them out.
Grandma is still very weak and she has home health nurses come and help her out as well. But we are all very glad to have her home. In whatever shape she is in. We will take her. Just as long as she is here with us, We will have her. I love my grandparents more than anything in this world and I would do anything for them. I would drop everything just to be with them. I can't imagine life without them. They have always been there for me when I was a child and teenager and needed them. Now it is my turn to return the favor.
Bug loves his Papa and Nona. He has so many grandparents, it confuses him, but he know how much he loves his grandparents. All of them.
He knows that the Papa with the trains, is amazing because of all his nifty toys and trains. He loves it at their house. W are all just so very happy to have them both still with us after so many close calls. I thank god every day to still have them in our lives. They are 2 very special people that can never be replaced or duplicated. It is funny because I always hear from my dad and step mom, That I am my grandmother. I act like her and I look like her. She is everything to me. And I look up to her. I will always have a special place for her in my heart. I love you Grandma
Grandma and Grandpa with both of their walkers
It was so cute, Grandpa came out to the living room and said, I wanna come sit with my "Baby" And he sat next to her and gave her a big hug and kiss. This is the kind of love I want when I'm oldler and grey.

Bug and his Great Grandpa playing with the trains


  1. Your grandmother must've been such a nice woman, and she really deserves having a good health. Anyway, I like seeing your grandparents’ picture together. They simply show how good it is to spend a lifetime with the one you chose to be with forever. It’s just so wonderful.

    Marcia Sherman @ Comfort Keepers

  2. It pays to remember our dues to our grandparents, and why we should take care of them. As they grow old, they lose their endurance. They have aided us in this world, so it is up to us to supplant their weakness with our strength, and any added help we can get. Thanks for reminding us that with this sweet and touching post. Good day!

    Walton Baylor @ Home Watch Caregivers


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