The Newest Addition to our Family.....

So we have added a new addition to our family, One I thought would NEVER happen......
We got a dog! Hubby surprised me and rescued him off of craigslist. He was free but obviously not taken care of very well. So Hubby went about an hour south and went to get him Wednesday night.
Keep in mind, This dog was suppose to be for "ME"
That didn't work out so well, as the dog is attached to hubby! So much for a surprise for me. But the doggie still loves me. Just loves hubby more. The first night home with him was crazy. Me not used to dog fur and having a big fluffy thing in my bed. Yes dearest hubby, let this dog in our BRAND NEW KING SIZED BED!
Anywho, the dog is now accustom to sleeping on MY feet. Not the foot of the bed, but MY FEET! 
But I would have to say we are doing very well as new pet owners. Even though we have NO idea what we need in terms of pet supplies, we went to Petco last night and OMG owning a pet cost's more than having another baby! It is ridiculous HOW expensive everything is. I mean, I know it's PETco. But DANG! Everything is cheaper at walmart or kmart, but still. People actually PAY these prices. I would never pay retail for some of that stuff!!! $50 for a 20lb bag of dog food? Really? That is the same price we pay a WEEK to fill our gas tank in our beat up 2003 PT Cruiser.
They were asking like $15 for a small bag of rawhide bones. And the cheapest dog wash was like $13. I found some on sale for $9. So we got that. It's good because it is shed control and with our new dog being a Siberian Husky, He is shedding A LOT. And the person who owned him before shaved him, so its short hairs that is being shed, his fur is so rough and not soft and silky like most husky's. I feel so bad for him being just tossed around like he has been, but he has now found a permanent place to call home. 
We are still deciding weather or not to keep his name or to find him a new one. His name is Sebastian but I keep wanting to call him Jax or Jasper. But he will not come to any name he is called.

Sebastian and Bug get along, Well, as well as any dog and 30 month old does. Bug chases the dog, "Gets his toes" as Bug would say, then Bug runs, the dog chases him, licks him, and runs away. It is so cute. But Bug is testing bounderies right now with mr puppy dog, and tries to be mean and says "NO DOWN, NO STAY, NO, NO NO NO!!! And tries to push the dog. Since the dog has never been around kids, I'm worried that he may snip at Bug. He snips at us when we play. Because he is only 3 years old so to me, he is still a puppy. And he likes to play. I am not used to all the energy in my house with the baby and the dog. It is fun, but crazy. Which is my life. I think Hubby got this dog to get me off of the idea of wanting another baby, BUT I love my life and would not change anything, except to conceive again. I want another child bad. So bad it hurts, and one day, when hubby is ready, it will happen. I want so bad to have my home birth and have things go right with ONE thing that I want so badly. I want to breastfeed again, and buy itty bitty cloth diapers, And just enjoy a new bean again. But for now, we have THE DOG.

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