Spooky Buddies Last Night & Unexpected Mommy Fails.

So things did not go according to planned last night. We left the house to walk up to the clubhouse/playground around 6pm last night. I wanted to let bug play for about an hour before the movie to tire him out. Well 15 mins in he goes down a HUGE slide, and got his bum soaked from a puddle of water that had settled at the bottom. Duh mommy, your suppose to check for these things. Well I didn't and he started to throw a fit. He started to strip down to nothing. I made him keep his underwear on, Even though they were wet, I didn't want to walk ALL THE WAY HOME. And miss getting a spot for the movie. I guess because of all the rain, That I apparently missed because our land is dry. But the soccer field was soaked as well. So they decided to use the tennis court. Talk about a hard ground. This 30 mins in to the movie, their projector screen started to deflate. I had never seen a blow up projection screen. So for 15 mins they are trying to fix the screen while the movie is still playing, meanwhile all the kids are complaining. I didn't bring bug spray, Again, Duh mommy. But we don't even own any. Because it is so full of chemicals I don't want it on us. Well since his pants were soaked, he was in nothing but a shirt, underwear and socks. I tried to keep a light jacket on him, He was not having it. And I tried to keep his blanket covering his legs. Not gonna have it. So he ended up with bite marks all over his arms and legs, Even though I thought I was doing great at swatting them away. I feel terrible. But I guess I need to invest in some all natural bug spray for them monstrous mosquitoes. Since the weather is getting nicer, I would LOVE to spend more time outside. Bug Loves to be outside. So It only makes since right. Anyone have any recommendations for all natural bug spray?

The movie though, was really good. Had a great story line, and was really cute. It is one I will have to buy once it comes out on blu-ray/DVD. I defiantly want to see it again. Bug laughed the whole time. It was most enjoyable sitting out there with my little man watching a movie. But the bugs, the actual bugs were annoying. And There were SO many families out there to watch the movie as well. It would be really nice to meet some of these families, but I know our parenting view will not be the same and It would end badly. I wish there were more granola mama's here. There are ALOT 45 mins south of me. But not having a car, makes it SO HARD to go to any attachment parenting groups. Or any Babywearing groups. I can't wait till we get DH his car. And I will have my very first car. And can go anywhere and do anything.

Have any of you seen Spooky Buddies? If so, what did you think of it?


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  1. I saw natural bug spray at Publix in their "Natural" products section.


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