Educated Mama Decals {REVIEW & GIVEAWAY}

I got the opportunity to get some awesome decals from Educated Mama Decals. And I have to say, I am in LOVE. I got A Rearfacing decal, And a Intactivist decal. And I have to say, They are amazing. I put the intactivist one on my laptop. And The Rearfacing one will be on my car. I have to convince hubby to let me put it on the car NOW. But if not, It will in 3 months when the car becomes MINE. Hahaha. Can you hear my evil laugh? I am super excited to be getting my first car.

Both of the decal's I received are amazing. The quality can not be beat. What is better? It is all WAHM made. How sweet is that? I Love supporting WAHM's.
Laura is the brains behind Educated Mama Decals.
She makes decals to promote the Natural "Crunchy & Granola" Mama's Way of life.
Things we believe all parents and children should be entitled to. Like Extended Rear facing, Extended Harnessing, No Vax, No Circ, Breastfeeding, Homebirth, and more.
She does make custom decals. For pretty much anything you can think of.
There is NOTHING but awesomeness coming from this shoppe.

She makes things from these categories:

The Review:
I give this shoppe a 20 out of 10.
I have a picture of my "Intactivist" one.
 But My hubby is at work so I can't get one of our decal on the car. But I will post it when I can. 

This is my Rear Facing Decal. 

If you want to know anything about Car seat's Or Intactivisim, Please comment and we can chat. 

I highly recommend you go and check out her Hyena Cart  HERE.
Because you will need to know what decal you want for your car/phone/laptop.
Educated Mama Decals has graciously offered a decal of the winner's choice to 1 reader. 

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