Weekend with my Favorite boys

So spent the weekend with my 2 favorite boys. My Bug, And My nephew. We had a blast. My parents took them to LegoLand for my nephew's 4th birthday. And they had a blast. Then Friday night, I had both the boys. I always enjoy spending time with my nephew, but because I live so far away, It isn't often that he gets to come spend the night. So having him for 2 nights was fun. He is a very hyper 4 year old. Much different than my normal calm and collect almost 3 year old. Which my almost 3 year old is becoming not so calm which is kinda scaring me. But we had a very fun 2 nights together. The boys love playing with each other. And I love spending time with them both.

Today was my nephew's 4th Birthday Party. And it was a ton of fun. I love spending time with my family. We got to visit with my mother, and grandmother. Who I have not seen in months. Watching my nephew be so happy to open all his presents was awesome. It was even better watching him ride his 4 wheeler that his mommy and daddy bought him. I got to ride it with my bug and even on the low speed it was fast. It is not like a little kid 4 wheeler. It is like a mini wheeler for adults. It was so much fun. I got some awesome pictures of Bug and his cousin on the 4 wheeler. And I think there were some of me and Bug. I will have to check with all who took pictures and see if I can find some.

Altogether my weekend was awesome. Yet tiring. I have not been feeling well. I think I have come down with a stomach bug or something. But I have to do what I can to make myself get through the days.

My bathroom was SOAKED after this.

Part of his birthday present From Aunt Kasey

2 Zonked out boys

He fell asleep with his hands on his face watching TV. He fell before I could get to my phone.

My Big boy. Getting too big.
(YES My son was forward facing because our boot for our Radian was at Grandparents house)
He is now BACK rearfacing.

Gotta Love that smile.

He looks so uncomfortable FFing. :(

We had an Awesome weekend. I can't wait to spend more time with my favorite boys. We had a blast together, And I love when the boys get together to play. They are so happy and love each other.


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