LUSTER Premium White {Review & Giveaway}


This was suppose to be a video review, But my computer wont comply with what I need to do So, I am just going to do this the old fashioned way.

I contacted LUSTER, to see about trying their toothpaste. They graciously agreed to allow me to try it and do a giveaway. I had never heard of this company before, So I was super excited to try it out.
A little back story about myself. 
I quit smoking 2 years ago, And have been trying VERY hard to get my teeth back white.
I have tried so many tooth pastes, strips, gels, Ect. And have not been able to find anything that truly works.

I have been using LUSTER White 7 for just over 2 weeks now, And from these 2 weeks, I can tell you, I do tell a difference. A very small difference but it is slowly working. I was very skeptical at first, using this product, Only because I personally do NOT like fluoride. I don't like using it, I don't like it in my home. But since I am an adult, And I don't swallow it. I make sure to NEVER swallow any toothpaste.
But I have to say, other than the fluoride, This product is great.
The taste is very subtle. Not overwhelming like most toothpastes on the market.

LUSTER, Sent me tubes of toothpaste,
1 tube of Sensitive White And one Premium White
1 of each to try, 1 of each to giveaway.  

A little about the products that make it different than other tooth pastes.
This toothpaste is not what you would expect, It has over 45 therapeutic-grade essential oils that promote whole mouth clean, not just healthy teeth. As well as 7 whitening agents, so it's not as minty, Like I stated before, (That I love about this product) But it leaves your whole mouth feeling clean and is suppose to whiten 2x's as fast as the leading brands. 

The Review:

So I have been using the product for 2 weeks.
The sensitive for 1 week and the Power white for 1 week, And though I can't say much for the sensitive toothpaste actually relieving the pain that comes along with having cavities and sensitive teeth, It does taste amazing. And I can can see that little by little, It is showing improvement on the whiteness of my teeth.

The Power White, I have found is more foamy than the sensitive, But that does not bother me at all. They taste pretty much the same except the power white may be a bit less minty.

I give this product an 8 out of 10
The ONLY reason I give it an 8 is because it is not "as fast" as it promises BUT, I am also very impatient.

Some things to keep in mind with this product though, Because it has active dental peroxide.
Unlike other's on the market, this product expands and if not properly stored it can POP the cap and may explode. Though I have not personally had this problem, The company recommends storing in a cup on your bathroom counter. With the lid up.
They recommend after you have used half the container you can store it upside down for easy despensing, But you also may have it explode still. So do it at your own risk.
The container is 4oz but only contains 2.6oz because of that whole expansion due to the active peroxide thing. So though you don't get alot of paste, It is suppose to have more bang for your buck type of thing.

The Giveaway:

Luster White Sent me 2 tubes to giveaway. 1 sensitive white and 1 power white. 
The item will ship from me, So it may take longer to get to you, Since I have to pay for shipping out of pocket, and money is tight right now. But you will get this prize within 2 weeks of the giveaway ending. 

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