Being sick sucks. Seriously.
First it was my hubby. He has a very weak immune system, as he has been sick for 2 weeks and still has a bad cough. Daddy brings the stuff home because he is in public all day.
 Then Bug got sick.
Oye. He started with a cough. Then stuffy nose, Then runny nose. 
Then from all the lovely kisses from my 2 men, guess what?
Thank you guys. I love you so much. <3

But now it has been over a week and a half and now I am dealing with sneezing like crazy. And I can't sleep because my adenoids are SO SWOLLEN I can't breathe.
I had to get up 2 times last night to use my NediPot so I could attempt to sleep. It really sucks. 

Thankfully my awesome hubby is bringing me home some Nyquill and some Passion tea home. So I can actually get some sleep. Looking forward to that. Yay.

Bugaboo is with his Nana, And he is starting to feel better. I can't wait till he can come home. We need to go grocery shopping so we have food for when bug gets home. I can't wait till I can actually have a TON of food to pick from to eat.  And not have to scavenge for food.

I have a few reviews to right up. That I will probably get to tomorrow. But being sick, I don't wanna do much. I miss my bugaboo. I want him home, I miss his kisses and hugs and waking up to him crawling into my bed in the middle of the night. I miss my little man.

Stay tuned for some more reviews/giveaways.


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