Procrastination...Oh how I loathe you.

Procrastinating...... Yes, That is what I am doing this evening. I have 2 sinks full of dishes to be done, 3 loads of laundry to be done, A living room that needs to be picked up, because people are coming to fix our carpet tomorrow. And will be here ALL DAY. Oh the joy. ^_^ We have Mold growing by our sliding glass door because of the awesome rain storms that have caused the track of the sliding glass door to fill with water, And yet they say this is normal? I have never heard of this or seen it in my life until now. But I guess when they built our home, They put an extra part on, That keeps the tract from draining properly. Thus causing leakage into the carpet. There is only a very small spot of mold that can be seen, But I know mold grows quickly. And I am scared that it has leached into more areas of the carpet not seen. The amount of mold that can be seen, is about the size of a quarter, yet I believe there to be more because I could smell it so strongly.

So I sit here, with a freshly bathed kid on my lap, while he plays on my phone. Knowing I need to do the dishes, clean the living room and do laundry, I just can't get myself up to do it. Maybe tomorrow while they are working on the house I will do the laundry and dishes. I will clean the living room tonight only because they may decide to remove all of the carpet and replace it. (Wishful thinking) I want hard wood floors, It would be SO much easier to keep clean. As we have a cheap vacuum that does not pick up crap, and we can't afford a good one right now.

Oh I can't wait till I can have a steam mop, a dyson vacuum, and tons of good quality kitchen appliances. So I can actually do things that I want in the kitchen. Like bake and cook from scratch. Kinda hard when I don't even own a whisk. Ugh.

Anyways, I guess I will have to find energy to clean what I can tonight. And Finish the rest tomorrow. This sucks. I go to bed at night, thinking "Hey, I'm gonna do this, this and this tomorrow" And come "tomorrow" I don't wanna get out of bed. I have been saying for months that I am going to start working out. But I never start. LOL. So I think tomorrow, Since hubby is off work, I am going to have him stay home with Bug, And I'm going to head up to the Amenity center, and do a work out. I really need to. Because since we got back from our trip last week, I have gained 5 pounds. Which may not sound like much, But for  me. The very skinny girl with the high metabolism, that has never been able to gain ANY weight, I have gained 5lbs in the past week. Not a bad thing. But I wanna get it under control before it gets out of hand.

Need to get a handle on alot of things. I need to get organized. LOL. Wishful thinking.


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  1. Even though that amount of mold you saw was small, mold should never be taken lightly. There’s always a potential for it to grow, and, as you stated, there could be more hidden somewhere. Mold can be very harmful to humans, can do considerable amount of damage to your possessions. Hopefully, you’ve since had it checked out and removed without finding any additional mold to deal with.

    Allen Hoffman


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