Halloween 2011

So this year it was just me and my Bug for Halloween. I have never done this by myself, And I have to say, I think I did pretty well. I have not carved pumpkins since I was a child. So I had NO idea what I was doing. But I have to say, Our pumpkins came out great. As did us going trick or treating. We had a blast. Bug is a sissy when it comes to getting dirty, so he wanted NOTHING to do with pulling the seeds out of the pumpkins and all the "ka ka" stuff as he put it. I thought having a boy meant mud puddles and sticky hands. Nope. Not my little monster. He wants to be clean as can be. I got some decent pictures of him painting his pumpkin. I am very happy that I got to have this one on one time with him. We had so much fun.

He had no idea what to think of going from house to house and asking for candy. aka "treats" as he called them. He kept saying "More treats, More treats, More treats Mama" It was the most adorable thing ever. And he said "more treats" until he fell asleep in the stroller on the walk home. Surprisingly enough he only had a bag of pretzels and 1 snickers bar. And has not asked for any more since.

I can't wait until next year to do it all over again. I have to say carving pumpkins was awesome though. I will be buying another pumpkin to have a go at home made pumpkin pie. Can't wait to buy all the ingredients that I need to make it.

Some of the pictures from our Halloween 2011.

I Love that Smile 

He ran over to me and said "I Got You" 

Coloring the pumpkin

Painting the Pumpkin

 Airplane flew by.

Finished products

Blowing out the candles

This is his "I Did It" pose

That mine one mama

Roasting pumpkin seeds

Getting a good look

I Love this pic. My Mr.Woody

He has the MOST dramatic poses EVER

First house by himself

"Or treat" is what he would say. 

He said "Look mama Pumpkin"

Trick or treat bag

Putting candy in the bag

"I got treats"

Our pumpkins lit up. Mine is the international symbol for genital integrity, His is a vampire. 

Sleeping Woody. I used the glow sticks to get his face lit up. 

Passed out in the stroller. 

We had an amazing Halloween. How was your's? 

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