Trip to LegoLand

So Last week Hubby and I ventured off to the New LegoLand Fl.
I have to say, It was fun and enjoyable. Just because I was with my hubby and out of the house. Other than that, Eh, Not so much. I do have to say they did a GREAT job at putting this place together, But it really is for kids and is NOT built for bigger adults like hubby.

They built LegoLand where Cypress Gardens used to be. Now Cypress Gardens was a BEAUTIFUL place. They did keep 1 small portion of the park dedicated to Cypress Gardens. Which is cool, But Cypress Gardens was just awesome.
Anyways, As far as what I thought of this park. It is cool for little kids and small families. The rides, Well they make them big enough for 2 people. Two little people. LOL. If say I wanted to ride with bug, It would be a tight fit, And we are both SMALL. Hubby was unable to ride 1 of the rides because he is too big. And he is not THAT big. Yes, He could loose some weight, But he isn't HUGE.
We did get to ride a few rides. Which were super fun. I think I would have enjoyed myself more had Bug come with us, But over all it was relaxing to walk through the park. Which we did in just under an hour.

I am so happy our passes were free this first time, because I would have been very upset had we spent $70 per person to get in just to walk the park in an hour.

I do have to say that I was very saddened to see so many children not properly restrained in car seats for sure. For it being a "Kid park" All the cars I passed in the parking lot very few even had car seats. And I saw tons of kids getting out of those cars. Even saw one kid poking his head out of the sun roof of a van on the way in. Which really scared me. Parents, Please make sure your kids are in proper car seats.

We spent most of our time in MiniLand Which is replications of places all over the US/World.
I took a TON of pics. I will share a few, and I will post the rest to my facebook later tonight/tomorrow. Facebook picture upload has been messing up for me and alot of people lately. And that sucks since I have SO many pics to share. I will also be uploading them to photobucket, And adding a link on here. 

Here are a few of the pictures of LegoLand Florida. And after the pic, is a video, If i can get it to work.

Oh the drag strip. The cars actually race. It is super cool. 

The spaceship is suppose to have smoke come from it as it counts down. Sadly it was not working when we were there. 

The Boats are connected to wires under water that make the boats move. 

I love that this car is made completely of legos and the inside is steel. It is a full sized SUV.

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