A day full of Firsts

So today I thought I would motivate myself and actually do something. So after breakfast, Me and Bug got dressed, and decided to try and let Bug ride his bike that his aunt gave him.
Well it didn't work out too well, because the bike has 2 flat tires, and something is broken on it. But Bug enjoyed "Trying" to ride it, aka me pushing it with him on it. Lets just say my back can't handle that again, So I am going to be in the market for a new bike for his birthday. But for the most part, he had fun. And that is all that matters.

Today also had another first for Bug. We played with Play-Doh for the first time EVER.
It was interesting because Bug has OCD and I believe also some sensory issues. And I didn't think he would like the texture of it, but he was okay with it. It was super cute watching him play with this mushy messy gunk.
I never did care for it as a child. But he got some for Christmas, and he has been bugging me for days to play with it. So I pulled it out and let him play with it. First thing he did was try to eat it!!! LOL. I had a kid's knife (no sharp edges) and was letting him cut it, and he licked the knife. Ewww.
But luckily that was the only time he tried to eat it. Needless to say, he won't be playing with it unsupervised. Haha.

I am also going to kick my butt in gear, and work on getting him back on a schedule. Because what he is doing now is NOT working for us at all. About 2 months ago, I tried it, got him in a schedule, and he was eating better, sleeping better and overall much happier. Well, he went to visit family, and that went out the door. So I gave up, dealt with the up all night. sleep in till 11am. And that is back where we are now. And honestly, I'm TIRED. I love bed sharing, But this morning, (4am) I woke up to this boy laying on my head!!!
So here it is 5pm and I am not letting him nap. This is what I had to do before to help him get in the schedule. Was take away naps, As bad as I know he want's to sleep. This extra sleep during the day, is reeking havoc on bed time. So in about 3 hours, we will have dinner, take a bath, and read a few books 
(He got some new books for Christmas, so we will be reading them)
And after that, He will be going to sleep.
I have no choice but to get him back in a better schedule. His eating habits are getting worse, and keeping me up till 1am is not healthy for either of us. So wish us luck. This is gonna be FUN.

I need this kiddo to start eating better and sleeping better. So I hope this works.


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