What a day...

Oh, Where do I begin?
First last night sucked. So much for getting Bug asleep and staying asleep. That went out the window. He was out by 10pm. Up at 12am when daddy got home. Back to bed, Back up at 1. Oye. And once he was finally asleep, Our darling cat decided she wanted to meow all night. At this point it is close to 3am. I am just wanting to sleep. But this cat had other ideas. Every 5 mins I was out of bed, getting her out of something she had gotten herself into. I was ready to scream. I think at one point I did.

9am rolls around, Bug is crawling in our bed and grabs my phone, turns on Youtube and it is as loud as it can be. I wanna scream at him, but I calmly tell him, to take my phone and go into his room with it so I can sleep. So he does. I go back to sleep. Then hubby wakes up. All I wanna do is curl up next to him and go back to sleep. Well he didn't wanna cuddle so I turn over pissed off and go back to sleep. Hubby is about to leave for work and sometime before that he wakes me up again to tell me bye.
11am rolls around. Bug wakes me up. "I wanna eat" so I get up, make him breakfast.
I let him finish breakfast and I go plug his TV back in because sometime in the middle of the night, he decided to wake up and turn it on and not go to sleep. I'm so ready to remove that damn thing from his room.
While he is watching TV, I manage to get myself into the shower to wake up. I don't get to enjoy the quiet long, as bug is coming in to steal my phone *AGAIN* Ugh. I can't wait to get him an iPod touch so I can have my phone to myself again. 0_o

I get out of the shower, manage to watch Days of Our Lives, get all the laundry washed, get bug fed lunch, and start folding clothes, In between all of this trying to keep bug awake. So every 10 mins I have to go to his room to make sure he has not fallen asleep. Needless to say, Laundry is not folded nor is it put away.

By 5pm, He was being super quiet and I went in, sure enough, trying to sleep. No way no how am I letting him nap at 5pm. I was thinking at the time "well if I let him sleep, he will be up all night"
GUESS WHAT? Here it is 11pm and he is still awake.
I took him to the park to play hoping that would wear him out and get a few hours to pass. We got home by 7pm. He ate dinner. And what I thought was go to sleep for the night. NOPE.
9PM hits, he is back wide awake. So I feed him again. Yogurt. After I pull it out, he says he does not want it.
I put his butt at the table and tell him to eat it. He does. Then I put him in the bath. I let him play for another hour. Get him clean, get him out, get him dressed. Back to bed.... Not a chance. 
TV back on. Light on. Him playing with toys. I'm ready to scream.
I really don't know what to do. It is now 11pm and I have told him 15 times or more to go to bed. He keeps coming out of his room. At this point, I am at my whits ends. I wanna just let him stay up, I can hear him in his room playing AGAIN after I JUST left his room and put him back to bed. Can I scream yet????

Okay so my life is not perfect. And I do my best as a mother. But times like this. I wanna run away. Far away. Everyone says that kids are suppose to sleep through the night. RIGHT..... My kid has not slept through the night since he was 4 months old. I am at a total loss. I don't wanna feel like this. But at some point, with no help during the days. I don't have a choice. I LOVE being a SAHM. But I can't wait till I get my doula certification so I can be out of the house more.  I think I need to do more stuff with him during the day to keep him busy. Add to the schedule. Games, flash cards, walks, Picnics, ect.
I just got some awesome products to review. So maybe after we go grocery shopping, I will have food to test these products out. For now, I am getting off, to go get this boy back in bed before my head explodes.
If you have any advice, please share. I know the TV needs to go. I know I know. But he learns from the shows he watches.



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