I turned 21!!!!!

So Wednesday was my 21st birthday!!!
Finally the big day came.

Mr.Bug was with his Nana for an early Christmas, So Mama & Daddy got time to play.
I got to sleep in till 10am! Haha. Not many 21 year old's say that as the first awesome thing they got to do for their birthday. But that was awesome.

Me and Hubby didn't know what we were going to do. So we talked about it, and decided to head north. We went to Tampa first. We went to MOSI. Museum Of Science and Industry.
I have not been since I was in grade school. So I didn't know what to expect.
It was interesting though. I really enjoyed myself. We ended up going into the IMAX theater and watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. We had just watched it Saturday, but it was not in a REAL IMAX theater. It was in a theater made to look like IMAX.
And stepping into that REAL IMAX theater brought back memories of when I was in elementary school and went there with my class. And being afraid of falling.
If you have never heard of MOSI, It has a DOME theater So you have to look up to watch the movie. Your feet are at someone else's head. And there is almost NO floor. Very scary feeling.

After the movie was over, I wanted to go walk around the YOU part where it explains the human body and such. And I watched some videos of birth and learned a few things that I didn't know about pregnancy and birth. But I did avoid the C section video, only because I have PTSD from my birth experience.
The video's were typical hospital births and It made me upset to have them saying that most twin births are delivered in the OR just in case something goes wrong and they have to c section the mom.

Another part, that kinda freaked me out, was they have human bodies there. And they had a tube for every few weeks of gestation. I assume that they got the bodies or "fetus's" from donations of miscarriages or still birth's. Because the bodies were all intact. And it really freaked me out seeing it.
They had a baby that was 35 weeks gestation in one of these "Jars" and it was a boy. And I am happy that he was not circumcised. But also very sad to see that almost full term baby with hair on his head, and fully formed fingers and toes. It was very upsetting for me. But I knew that I needed to see it, And learn about it. Because this type of stuff, does happen in birth. 
And I am taking my Doula certification next year. Starting in January. 

But I did enjoy my time at MOSI. It is an awesome learning experience. There is tons to learn about. All sorts of science things that you can dream up. It is really neat. And if you are ever in Tampa, You should go. Take the kids and teach them, give them a learning experience they won't get from text books. 

This is hubby in a wind tunnel. He is so goofy. 

 After MOSI we headed to Orlando, and went to Universal Studios. We go there alot, so we were in no rush to do anything, just relax. So after we rode some rides, we went to the NASCAR Cafe there at CityWalk.
We ate dinner and I got to order my first "Legal" Drink!!! I had a super yummy Strawberry Daiquiri.

That is what really got me. LOL. But when I snuck away to go wash my hands before food got there, Hubby told the server it was my birthday.
After my meal, they brought me a free birthday dessert.
Hubby mentioned it was my 21st and the look on the server's face was priceless. 
She looked and probably felt so stupid for not carding me.

But we finished our dinner, And left. Went to the hotel, And fell asleep. I was asleep my 11pm. 

Me and Hubby
"Officially 21" 

The next morning we had to figure out what we were going to do. Hubby surprised me and we went to Sea World. I had not been since I was a little girl. I have to say, I was in awe. I love animals. And I was super excited to get to see the amazing sights of all these wondrous creatures.
I even got to pet a dolphin! He/She was like rubber. Really creepy feeling for someone like me who has texture issues. LOL. But they were beautiful. And I really wanna swim with them!!!
Maybe once the weather warms up, I will.

We watched several shows and just walked around and enjoyed ourselves. It was very relaxing. I can't wait to go back and take Bug. We are Fl residents so we paid for 1 day and get to come back the full year for free. I love that. I know Bug will enjoy going. He loves the animals just like I do. 

Me and my amazing hubby

These sting rays were beautiful

Dolphin show. And you can see the birds they had flying around too. 

I got to pet this guy. :)

We left SeaWorld and went back to Universal, we got back just in time to watch the Macy's parade that they put on for Christmas.  I have to say, I was expecting more from it. But by 5pm when it started, I was tired and hungry. We stayed and watched the parade, and then went to go ride T-2 and sat in line for 45 mins only for them to have "Tech problems" and kick everyone out. It SUCKED!!! Me being tired, and standing then sitting then standing. I was ready to go HOME!!! LOL.

It was all in all a great birthday trip. I had an absolute blast having my hubby time. I can't wait to do it again, But I can't wait for tomorrow for Bug to come home. We are giving him part of his Christmas present early. And I can't wait to show him. I am super excited to see my Buggaboo.


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