Update on the past week

This is the first time in a week that my computer has been on. 
I have been very sick the past 3 weeks and I am *JUST* now starting to feel better, But I am not completely healed. Bug still has a bad cough. He is still getting homeopathic meds for it. And I am still very congested with a small cough. I went from having the cold/flu to having bronchitis and now on the bottom half of a sinus infection. All of which is no fun I might add. I have not been able to post. Because simply put, I have not been awake to do so. It is 11am. And I am just waking up. But I know I needed to get my butt up and post. I didn't sleep good. My back hurts. And I can't breathe, But I need to post.

The past week has been very stressful. With Christmas being so close, everyone is in a rush to do things.
Me, I just wanna enjoy my little family and keep to ourselves. But unfortunately, we have to attend family things. I say unfortunately, Only because I have been sick. Not because I didn't wanna spend time with family. I very much enjoyed seeing my family and my husband's family. But in such short amount of time, It becomes too much on me. Saturday we had dinner with Hubby's family. He is the oldest of 6 keep in mind. So we had the 6 of them, myself, bug, my sister in law, her daughter who is a year younger than bug, my mother in law, her youngest kids father, and my MIL's Father and step mom. That's 14 people. At one dinner table. It was hectic. Bug sat next to me. And he always says "NEED YOU MOMMY" So he climbed in my lap with my iPhone so he could watch Thomas train on youtube. Well food had just gotten to the table and I wanted to eat but he needed me. Then he drops my iPhone in ketchup. JOY. Needless to say I was not happy. I put Bug back in his chair. Stormed off to the bathroom. And cleaned my phone. Thank goodness I have an OtterBox on my iPhone. Otherwise It would probably be done for.
I get back to the table. Give bug my phone back (Crazy I know right) and eat. Then after dinner he decides to get up and run away from the table. He never does this. So I got up and grabbed him. And went to the hallway where the restroom was and I talked to him and told him it was not nice to run away from mommy. And he said sorry. Back to the table. It was a very long night.

Out at dinner Saturday Night. 

Once we got home, he passed out in the car, so I try to lay him in bed for the night mind you it was close to 10ish. Nope. No chance. He was up and full of energy. Finally around 1am I got him to go to sleep. Then he wakes up around 2 and refused to sleep. By this time I am up. I am tired but I am up. I try laying with him on the sofa. He falls asleep for a bit. 3am rolls around. Back up. I put him in his room and put Thomas train on for him and put sleep timer on the tv. I head to bed. It's close to 4am. I toss and turn. 4:30. I can't sleep. I need to sleep. I have more to do on Sunday. Finally I don't know what time it was, but I passed out. Then 8am Hits like a brick. I text my dad and tell him to call when he is on his way to get us, because I need extra sleep. He says 10am he will leave his house. Well at 9:55 Bug walks in my room. Go figure. So We get up and get dressed.

We have lunch with my family at my grandparents house. I didn't think it was going to be a big thing like years past since my grandparents are getting older and they can't handle the crowds for long anymore. 
Well turns out it was gonna be a big thing. 17 or so people. In a very small living room and kitchen.
For the most part it was enjoyable. But I was running on very little sleep. So I was cranky.
I could not get Bug to eat, My nephew would not listen to me. I was just not in the mood.
Well once food was ready I sat at a fold up table with bug, Trying to get him to eat. All he ate was chips. Ugh. This kid is gonna starve I swear. He didn't eat Saturday night either. Other than chips and ranch.
Well he got down and I stayed there to eat. He kept leaning on the table. I Kept asking him to stop. My drink was on the table. After an hour or so he came back to the table where I was sitting and leaned on it. Guess what? Soda spilled. Ugh. Everywhere. Very little on me thank goodness. But Still not happy about it. All over the carpet. And the table.
Running on no sleep and still sick. I was frustrated.
We had to go over to my Aunt's house because she has moved into a camper and she was getting rid of a bunch of house stuff. SCORE!!! I found so many nice things for our new home. Super excited about that. Got 2 lamps for our living room set. Got a under the sink organizer. Got Thanksgiving decorations for next year. Some Christmas stuff. Some other household stuff. It was a good thing we went over there.
We leave and get about 10 miles away, when My sister calls, Her van broke down at my Aunts. So we have to go all the way back. Couldn't fix her van. But I looked around some more and found more stuff. Haha. So we get on the road again and head back home.

He did eat some pumpkin pie too. 

My Sissy and our new nephew Colton

My 2 favorite little men

Bug trying to exercise. haha


Grandma And Colton

Great Grandma And Colton

Great Grandpa And Colton

Aunt Sharon and Alex

Playing with tractors

My daddy and my soon to be new kitty. 

I love my little man. 

We get home. And I clean. And clean and clean. Isn't that what a good housewife does? LOL.
Got all my laundry done. AND put away. That never happens. I organize some stuff. Get so much done. Except dishes. Gotta tackle those today. Ugh. But I felt accomplished last night. Didn't get to bed till about 2am. My back was killing me. I couldn't breathe. And by 4am, I had a 3 year old in my bed. Me squished between a 3 year old and my amazing hubby, who needs to loose some weight. (Love you hubby) But it did not help my back at all. so at 7am I move to the foot of the bed and get another few hours of sleep. It is easier to sleep between 2 sets of feet than to upper bodies. Haha.

So this has just been the past 2 Days, But the whole past week I have been stuck in bed, Sick. It sucks. I can't wait to feel better. My 21st Birthday is in 9 days. Yahooooo!!!!!!! Can't wait. Bug is gonna go to Nana's and I am going to go out with my hubby and enjoy myself for the first time in a very long time.

Now I am going to post some Reviews And Giveaways.


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