Something to be thankful for.....

It is the time of year where your suppose to give and be thankful for what you have.
Well, it has not been very easy for us the past month as I have not been babysitting and not had the extra income I had been so accustom to having. Because of this sudden absence of money, We have been without food and necessities. Something most are too proud to admit. 

Though it is hard, we learn to get by on very little.
Because of the absence of money, I was afraid I was not going to be able to get my son much for Christmas. So I went onto my local resales group on Facebook and was looking for cheap items for him for Christmas. And that is where I found the most generous person ever. She told me that she could gather some of her kid's outgrown clothes and some extra's from couponing, and pass it along to me. 
I was thrilled. Not as thrilled as I was when her and her lovely friend showed up at my home with bags of stuff. Clothes, food, toys their children stopped playing with. I was ready to cry.
 I am so thankful for these three women who are so willing to help someone in their time of need. To help ME, And MY family. Something I hate asking, But when we really NEED it, I am glad that these women could help. Some stuff new, most used. But all that matters is my son has clothes that will keep him warm this winter and food in his stomach. He will love the "New" to us toys.

I am forever grateful and thankful to these women who so graciously offered to help my family.
Though we will still need to go to a food bank to get some food, the amount they helped us, Means the world. And I will never forget their kind endeavors.

Even though people may not ask for help, does not mean they don't need help. If someone is asking for food or money this holiday season, don't just shrug them off. They more than likely are genuinely hungry.If you are skeptical of giving money out buy them a gift card to Mc.Donalds, Burger King Or Subway. I promise you, they will be thankful.

I know I would be.


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