Bedsharing.... Just got more difficult.

As many of you know, we bed share with our 3 year old. Well, Hubby is not to fond of it, but he deals, as long as I am in between him and Bug. We have a king sized bed, so you would think 
"Hey you have plenty of room" 
Mind you, Hubby is not slim. But I don't mind. I love meat on a man haha. Anyways, I am stuck between a not so slim man, and a 3 year old who think he can do aerobics in his sleep. Normally this is okay. I deal. I move Bug over multiple times a night because I end up with feet and his head BOTH by my head. I don't understand how he does it. But he does. And Hubby, well hubby likes to take his not so slim legs and put them OVER my very slim body and make it impossible to move. So here I am, in the middle of a king sized bed, between a not so slim man with his not so slim legs holding onto me for dear life, a 3 year old on my other side with feet in my face and NOW..... A cat. Yes, our darling cat Moonlight has decided she finally likes me and wants to sleep next to me. Not on me. Next to me. Like Bug did when he was a baby. Normally this would not be an issue, But she just got spayed last week, and is still not healed. She has a cone on her head that is too small and she is still able to lick herself and because of that, I had to put a onesie on her. One of Bug's onesies from when he was a newborn! Yes, I still have a few. But having a cat trying to cuddle with me that is wearing a onesie and a elizabethian cone around her head, makes it very uncomfortable to say the least. Keep in mind, she is trying to cuddle with me while I am already between my not so slim man and my 3 year old. Lets just say mama is not getting much sleep at night right now.  And I wake up every morning with really bad back pain.

Oh did I mention that Moonlight also decided that she has to LICK MY FACE while cuddling with me. She thinks she is a dog or something. If you have ever owned a cat, you know that their tongues are like sandpaper. And I have a BAD texture issue to begin with. So this just totally creeps me out. I can't wait till she is healed so I can take that damn cone off her head so I don't have to lean against it at night when I sleep.

What is your most recent co-sleeping/bed-sharing mishap? 

I took her cone off for a little bit so she could stretch.



  1. My 15 month old little girl LOVES to be the middle part of the letter "H" between my husband and I at night. I, too, am up with her several times a night "readjusting" her position in the bed, as it is not uncommon that I feel her little feet in my kidneys at night. But, I LOVE to snuggle with her! <3

  2. Growing Up Naturally, Trust me, My son would LOVE to sleep between daddy and I. But Hubby will only tolerate him in our bed if he is not next to him. He has never allowed him to sleep next to him except 3 times that I can remember that was during the day and we all took a nap together. But at night. No way. He wants him on my side of the bed with me squished in the middle. <3 Gotta love it.

  3. It always amazes me how something so little can take up a whole bed! All of my kids and my grandson are the same way.


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