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I found this great company that does something that is near and dear to my heart. RECYCLE.
Founded in 2008, NAKED binders were created to do several things. Be Sustainable, have great designs and Preserve
are made of 100% post consumer waste binders board, 100% cotton cloth, Some FSC certified papers and metal rings. No toxins, plastics or vinyals.
NAKED binder makes the strongest and most Eco-friendly 3 ring binders on the market.
They are made right here in the USA in Des Moines, IA. How awesome is that to actually have something locally made? I love supporting USA companies.

I received 3 awesome binders to try out. And I have to say, I am super impressed. I love the vibrant colors of the 2 binders. And I LOVE the mini Notebook Binder I received. It is perfect for keeping in my purse and keeping notes on things that I need to jot things down in a hurry. As a mom, I have found that I ALWAYS need to have some sort of pen and paper in my purse for one reason or another. And I have a HUGE purse, But even if I had a smaller purse, this one would fit perfectly into it.

I really enjoy that these notebooks are super plain, So you can customize them how you would like. I know as a teenager, I always loved doodling in my notebooks in class, These can create a canvas for amateur artists or people who enjoy doodling. They are built perfectly, I have not found one flaw in the few weeks I have been using them. I use one of the bigger binders to keep all of my blog paperwork in. It came with a "Pocket" folder that you put into the 3 prongs. And it can hold all of your important papers and such. Each notebook comes with 5 tabs. All are labeled with roman numerals and the first tab, list's all the roman numerals with sections, so you can organize easily with what you have where. And you can flip right to where you need to go. I have not yet labeled mine. But I plan to buy personal labels and be able to label my tabs accordingly to what I need them to say. I am in no way artistic so I don't want to ruin my binders by trying to draw on them. I am thinking about covering one of them with pictures though to personalize it.

 I keep this one in my purse to keep notes.

 I am going to use this one to keep all of my Doula certification stuff in.

I use this notebook to keep all of my blog paperwork in.

Perfect business card holder.

I put my Breastfeeding card in here that states Florida Law to Breastfeed in public. 

  You can see the Roman Numerals

 The tabs

These are not your normal school notebooks though. They are so much better. They are stronger, better quality, and best of all, super eco friendly. Something that you don't get much anymore. And I am all for anything that betters the environment. And Naked Binder does just that. They recycle, reuse, and do not use harsh plastic's and PVC's. All things I love in a company. I love them even more that they are "Local"

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NAKED Binder's has graciously offered 1 reader 2 notebook binders with tabs. This is the smaller binder. But it is oh so "Big" in everything that it stands for.

Win 2 Notebook Binders and Naked Tabs 


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  1. I learned that their binders, folders and tabs are made out of FSC certified, 100% post-consumer waste binders board, 100% cotton cloth, a few FSC certified papers and metal rings. No plastics, vinyls or toxins.

    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  2. MiaBear, If you entered, please complete the mandatory entry of something that you learned from the site. Thanks. :)

  3. I learned that there are no toxins in their binders. Great to know with kids using them!

  4. I learned that the binders are non toxic, no plastic or vinyl. I just found my favorite home office site too! Loving looking at the PDF catalog! Thanks a bunch!!!!

  5. I learned that they are Simple to recycle.

    Pop out the rings and recycle - one part in paper recycling, the other in metal.

    Thought that was pretty cool!!!

  6. you can customized the binders, visited sponsors website
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  7. i learned that the binders were tested, and are designed to last for 10 yrs


  8. Their binders have been tested to 250,000 flexes without fail. Wow!

  9. They are made without plastic or vinyl. WOOT!!

  10. Naked Binders are healthier, recyclable, last longer and look better. I would love to get these for my daughter and see if it rings true.

  11. I like the project binders
    iheartcoupons4 at
    amanda joy

  12. you can customize in a million differnet ways. -Erinn A


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