Birthday Week Celebration- My Hikes Pant Cuffs

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I found this awesome company called My Hikes. I was instantly intrigued. I have never seen anything like it before. And it is the type of product that you would think "Now why didn't I think of that"

My Hikes are pant cuffs. They are used to keep pants that are too long, rolled up, Or for pants that are high-waters (as they called it when I was growing up) And you don't want to look goofy with pants that are too short but still fit everywhere else. I wish I had these back when I was a kid, I used to just take the pants that were too long and cut them, turn them into capri's or shorts. I ruined valuable clothing. 

But now, Now that these amazing things are in my life, I don't have to worry about Bug's pants not fitting correctly. He has several pairs of pants that are high-waters. And some that are WAY too long for his short little body. I have tried just rolling them, but we all know, trying to keep a toddlers pants rolled up does not work because they are so mobile.

I was very excited when these came in the mail. We snapped a few pictures and opened them right up.
Bug was super excited about them. I'm sure you all know, he LOVES trains, Well, My Hikes carries train cuffs. They are super adorable. Super light weight and don't weigh the pants down. The go on so easily and come off just as easily (by an adult removing them) They stay in place until you remove them, the pants or whatever. I love that I found a product that does what it says it will.

 Super easy to use. Just roll pants, and slid onto the seams.

Did I mention how much Bug loves these things? He usually 99% of the time, stays in PJ's all day long. But since we got the My Hikes Train Cuff's, He wants to get dressed, just to use them. It is a motivator to get both of us out of Pj's for the day.

Wanna know something else that is cool? My Hikes pant cuffs are not just for kids!!! Nope, Mom's can wear them too. I know I may end up "borrowing" Bug's because I am a very short mama. And all the pants I find in my size fit, minus the super model legs on the jeans. Now when I shop for clothes, I don't have to worry about the length because I can use My Hikes. I think I may order a pair for myself as well so I don't have to borrow Bugs.

 Pants before My Hikes

Pants with My Hikes

 Side View of My Hikes

 Close up of the trains.

Side view

 Super happy to have more train stuff.

 Oh look, Trains

 I likes these things mama

 Trying to put them on himself

 I put them on Mama.

Buy It:
You can buy My Hikes at for $15.00 and use code (myhikes10) for 10% off your order.

Win It:
Dani, The owner of My Hikes, Is so sweet. She has offered one of my readers a set of My Hikes of their choosing. There are quite a few to choose from. Make sure you go check it out. You will need to know which ones you want if you win. 

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