Charm Factory Review & Giveaway

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I found this super awesome company called Charm Factory. I contacted them and asked if I could review an item for them. And they graciously agreed. I got to pick out a bracelet from the beaded bracelet category.

I picked out a MOM bracelet. As I own nothing with the word mom on it.
I got it in the mail and was blown away by how beautiful and elegant this bracelet was. I knew I was excited waiting for it to come, but I was even more excited when it actually arrived. I think I did a little happy dance and rushed to hubby to have him put it on my wrist for me. 

I have gotten so many compliments on this bracelet since it came in the mail, and have shared the website with several mom friends. They are absolutely amazing.

I love the versatility that Charm Factory offers for their charms. They have something for everyone. 

Love twilight? They have Twilight charms

Have a awareness that you follow? They have TONS of awareness charms

I absolutely love their affirmation rings. They hang from necklaces or bracelets.  

I will defiantly be coming back to order more items. And buying items for gifts. I will also be getting more European Style Beads for my bracelet. They are beautiful and elegant and fit my style perfectly.

Buy the same bracelet style bracelet I received for only $10.99-$14.99
Beaded Bracelets

CharmFactory had offered 1 bracelet to 1 of my readers from the beaded bracelets category.

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  1. I love the Pink and White Bracelet.

  2. I would like the August Peridot bracelet since my birthday is in August

  3. I think I would go for the pink and white bracelet

  4. If I am blessed to win I really really want the SEPTEMBER SAPPHIRE BRACELET as a special meaningful gift for my precious daughter for her birthday month (she's had to move across the country from us this past year and we are sooooo close in heart and spirit and thoughts ) and I know this special beautiful gift would be extra touching to her across the miles to show i truly think of her EVERY single day even in order to enter daily in a contest for a beautiful gift just for her.

    Thanks for this opportunity.


  5. I'd like the April clear glass bracelet


  6. I would love the May Emerald bracelet

  7. I would like the Mom Red bracelet

  8. I think I'd get a birthstone bracelet for myself

  9. I like the February Amethyst Bracelet:


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