EdenFantasys.... More than an adult shop

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Did you know that EdenFantasys is more than a adult shop?
Yup that's right, EdenFantasys is much more than your typical "adult store"

EdenFantasys is different because they are looking for bloggers like YOU and ME, to review their products and website. They have several different programs to suite everyone's needs and everyone's blog.
They have:

The Blogger Review Program is for bloggers who don't mind reviewing adult sex toys & giving full detailed reviews. They receive a Product to review on their blog and can do this once a month.
The Ambassador Program is for bloggers who write post's about EdenFantasys website and get gift codes in exchange for their reviews about the site. You can do this every 3 weeks.
The Sponsored Post Program you also earn gift cards for review their site and their family sites that include:

I know you would think "Oh I don't want to hear about sex toys on a mommy blog" But it is so much more than that. EdenFantasys carries products for mom too. Plus, who doesn't wanna spice it up in the bedroom with hubby? I know I love to try new things and as a busy mom, you know how hard it is to get any alone time with your husband. It is even worse when you bed-share or co-sleep.

I don't know if you have ever heard the phrase 
"Co-sleepers do it in the... (Insert other part of the house here)" 

 But I can't remember the last time we made love in the bed. LOL. Usually I have to bribe Bug to take my iPhone and go play while mommy and daddy take a shower.

EdenFantasys carries a ton of different products that are for mom. Like the Beauty and Body section.
The Beauty and Body section has lotions, makeup, massage oils, skin care, candles and more.

They have some super cute bra and panty sets as well. I know I don't ever dress up for hubby and if you don't either, can you imagine the look on your husband's face if he came home from work and you had taken the kids to the sitters and he saw you waiting in the bedroom in this for HIM.
I know my husband would go crazy. We rarely get any time together so this kind of thing every now and then would be a treat for him. After all, once the kids are grown and moved out, you still wanna have that spark between you and your husband right?

These are just a few of the non sexual items that they carry. You really should check them out. They always provide discreet shipping. They do NOT send items with labels that say "SEX SHOP" on them.
You will not be disappointed with EdenFantasys online shop. They have something for everyone. Be that you have a secret wild side, or you just want some relaxing massage oils and skin care items. They have it all.

So tell me..... Do you have a secret wild side? :) 


(This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own)

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