Completely Stressed....

Right now, I wanna pull my hair out. I am super stressed, and it is not getting any better. Wednesday morning, we took our kitty (who is now named Moonlight) to get spayed. After not getting ANY sleep Tuesday night between Bug and moonlight being in heat and "Calling" And waking up multiple times a night. I didn't fall asleep till 2 am. Then waking up at 7am to get the cat down to the mobile clinic. We drive down there, traffic a mess, we get there. And wait. And wait, and wait. Finally we get checked in, Get her dropped off. Then the car wont start. The battery died. We wait and wait and finally Hubby's dad comes and gives us a jump start.
Then we have to go to Sears to get a portable grill so I can cook the burgers for the party on Saturday.
Wednesday dragged out for so long. It stunk.
Today was not much better. I woke up super late, When I got up, Bug had destroyed several things. This is not like him, So needless to say, from now on, when he wakes up, I'm gonna be up for the day. 
Then we had some family issues that I can't really talk about. But needless to say, I am not happy. And I can't stand drama. Family drama is worse because you can't always wash your hands of it, even when you want to. 

His birthday is tomorrow, So I am going to do something special for him.
But I honestly don't know what is going through this boys head. He is being super mean, smacking me, breaking things, throwing things, I don't know what has gotten into him, but this is NOT my kid. I am NOT used to him acting like this. Telling me NO everytime I ask him to do something. When he hurts me and I tell him that he hurt me, he laughs at me. He has no sympathy for anything that he does wrong. I try not to yeall at him. And I try to use positive reinforcement, even when he is misbehaving. I think we skipped the terrible 2's and they are coming in the 3's. And I don't know how to handle it. I am so used to my happy sweet and loving little boy. Not one that yells at me, smacks me and tells me NO to every little thing.

Please if you can give me any advice, I will gladly be open to it.
I have to get off here, and eat dinner, then finish up the last few posts to go live on Sunday. We have 8 giveaways that will be going live. I'm super excited about this.
Tomorrow is Bug's 3rd birthday
Saturday is the Party
Sunday is the start of the giveaways. 
I am going to be super busy. And stressed. Please wish me luck.


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