Preparing for the Birthday Week Celebration

I am working very hard to get all of the post's written up for this big giveaway going on. I am so excited to bring you all of these amazing products and allow you to enter to win them.
I have been working sun up to sun down blogging and also trying to clean my house for Bug's birthday party this saturday. And let me tell you, that is NOT easy when you have a 3 year old going right behind you and making the mess even worse. I am working on getting rid of a ton of things that we don't need. I am tired of looking at them and not being able to find a place for them, or them being stored and not being used.
I am slowly working on getting the office set up and presentable in case I have a mom friend who needs to nurse her baby and does not feel comfortable doing it in front of everyone. If they want to, by all means, go for it, But I don't know some of these mama's too well, and I know a few are still nursing toddlers. :) That alone makes me happy. I am thinking of getting a decal made for my kitchen window that says "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" Since I don't have any other window that it could be seen from outside. I know I won't have it in time for the party, But I will make sure that everyone that is coming, knows, there WILL be mothers feeding their babies. <3

Anyways, I just thought I would update you on what was going on and why I have not been posting, I have been posting, but they are just not live yet, Trust me, my fingers will tell you that I have been typing up tons of awesome stuff the past few days. And I have alot more before next sunday. I can't wait. And I'm super stokked that the party is almost here. I can't wait to show our new home off, and enjoy the company of all my new mama friends. :)

Please be paitent with me until I get everything posted. I will *TRY* to post a random giveaway in the next few days. But please don't hold it against me if I can't. I have possibly 8 Giveaways to post and only 2 completed thus far.

Oh, Does anyone know of any free outside activities that kids can do? I have a HUGE yard. And 2 soft foot balls and 1 Kick ball. I need to think of something else these kids can do to keep them entertained. LOL.



  1. Miabear123, thank you. I have been working hard to get everything right. Please be sure to come back next Sunday for 8 new giveaways will be listed.


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