EarthBorn Holistic {Review & Giveaway}

This review and giveaway is brought to you by EarthBorn Holistic 

I found Earthborn back last year when we rescued a dog, and eventually found him a new home.
So it was no question that I was going to try the cat food for our new fluffy pet.
I contacted EarthBorn Holistic and got in touch with an amazing woman named Cindy. 
I explained to her how we just rescued our new fluffy friend and wanted to try their food for her to see if it would help with her tummy issues. When we got her, she was very irregular. And was going potty way too much and was super dehydrated. The food we first bought for her, Meow Mix, Was not helping rid her of the runs, and I felt so bad. So I was so happy when Cindy said okay to a review of EarthBorn. 

I got an amazing package in the mail and I was very surprised at what we were sent.
We got 3 3.3oz bags of food, and 4 small cans of wet food.
1 bag of each kind of cat food they carry.
Feline Vantage, Primitive Feline, and Wild Sea Catch.
Both Primitive Feline and Wild Sea Catch are BOTH grain free. 

She was curious as to what was in the box

3 bags 4 cans

Feline Vantage, Primitive Feline (Grain free), Wild Sea Catch (Grain free) 

Chicken Catcciatori and Catlina Catch Both Grain free. 

Enjoying a can of Catlina Catch 

Grains are not good for animals because their stomachs have a hard time digesting it. 
When you go grain free, it means you will have less to clean up in the yard or litter box. Since grain free food is easier on their tummies they don't make as much waste and their bodies are keeping the good stuff in. I can honestly say, that this has worked for our kitty. She was going potty at least 15 times a day and only peeing 1 time a day. Her little body was so dehydrated and tummy was always grumbling and she was running to the litter box constantly. I don't know what was wrong with her, but Earthborn has helped clear it up. I also added a holistic probiotic to her food to help with her overall health. I picked it up at our local PetsPlus store for about $10. 

I have to say, though this stuff works amazing for our kitty, she is not too fond of it. She is very picky. But she will have to adjust because we will only be buying Earthborn Holistic cat food from now on.
I think she just is not used to the fact that the food is little pellets. Instead of big chunks of food. She likes to bat the food out of the bowl and then eat it off of the floor. Which is a pain to clean up when she does not eat it all. I also have to add a few sprinkles of fresh food, when she decides she is hungry even though there is food in her bowl, she wants it fresh. Talk about spoiled. But she is so worth it. She makes Bug very happy. He is always chasing her and trying to give her kisses. He wants her to sleep in his bed with him, which she won't stay. But he has become very fond of her. I think a cat is a great first pet for kids. 

We had that dog for about 2 weeks and Bug did not like him and he was very hyper. We don't have a fenced yard for him to run in, so I found him a forever home, with my cousin who takes amazing care of him. I'm glad we rescued him, because his human was going to take him to the pound where they probably would have put him down. So we saved him from that and found him a home that the humans give him all the love and attention he needs.
When we did have him though, Earthborn was the ONLY food that he would eat. 

My review: 
I give EarthBorn Holistic a 10 out of 10. I would recommend this to any pet owner.
Though it is a tad more expensive, it is worth every penny if it can help the animals digestion. I feel good that I am giving my furry friend the best. All other foods on the market are basically fast food for animals. They are made to feed the animal, not provide nutrition they need to thrive. They just survive on it.

The Giveaway:
Cindy has graciously offered 1 reader a voucher for a 14 pound of their choice of food for a cat or dog.
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