Got a compter desk YAY.

This feels so weird, I have been using my itzy bitzy netbook for the past year and a half, and rarely got to use a real computer. Well, hubby found a great deal on computer desks at Staples so he brought it home the other night and we put it together. Let me tell you, I HATE putting furniture together. My hand still hurts from screwing screws into place. Eeekkk.
Anyways, We set up (hubby set up) the real computer and I am currently using it to type this. If feels so different to sit at a desk and actually type on a real keyboard. Not a super tiny netbook. I have to say, I kinda like it and think I will only be using the netbook for when I go out places now and I have to do things and use the netbook to upload pictures to my blog and facebook. Since I don't wanna clog up the main computer with all the pictures of products that I review. Haha. But I am so excited to actually be comfortable while blogging instead of stuck in bed, on the sofa or in the recliner. I am actually sitting at a computer chair.
It's the little things right?

I just downloaded MyMemories software to the big computer as it was not working well on the netbook so I will have that review and giveaway up in a few days. My netbook is so cluttered and slow so the software did not want to work on it. We will see how it works on the big computer.

 Yay, No more clutter.


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