Happy 3rd Birthday Bug

 Daddy scored a great deal on this toy
 "Daddy he talks to me"
 This was what him and I did today. Played trains and cleaned house.
This picture was taken at exactly 7:57PM on January 13th 2012. I missed the first year, but have a picture from his second birthday and now 3rd birthday of him and I together. <3 I plan to do this every year.
He is my love bug. He is my world. He is my reason for everything I do.
Mommy loves you Bug. You melt my heart when I tell you that I love you and you say "I wuv you too mommy" or "I wuv you... MORE mommy"
I hope you know that you are my everything. Nothing will ever come between you and me boy. 
It is us (and daddy) against the world.

Happy BIRTHday big boy. 


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