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I found Kristine's Shower while trying to find ways for me to take a break and relax. As a mom, we all know how hard it is to even take a shower alone, let alone a bath. So I was stoked when the owner of Kristine's Shower agreed to allow me to review a few of her items. I don't often get to treat myself to anything. So this was a nice opportunity to pamper my very tired self.

First off, I want to start by saying WOW! Never had I imagined I would love a product/s as much as I do the Bath Bombs and Sugar Scrub.

Within a week, my items were at the front door. I was ready to rip open that package and jump right in the bath.... But of course, it does not always work the way you want it to. So I did the next best thing. Took a shower. Of course not alone. Why would I EVER get a shower alone? That is like a 1 and a million kinda thing. So I opened my goodie box, and pulled out the sugar scrub and bar of soap I received. Let me tell you, I love the scents. They all smell fabulous. The bar of soap I got kind smells like a toffy scent. Or a chocolaty caramel coffee? I don't know but it smells so yummy I could eat it. The sugar scrub is amazing. I love the texture of the sugar on my skin. Makes me feel like I am scrubbing all the impurities off of my body. I love how soft my skin stay's hours after I have showered. I find myself constantly rubbing my arms, and man do I get some looks. Haha. But I just can't help it. I LOVE how soft my skin is. 

I was finally able to get a bath in, and unfortunately it did not last long. But let me tell you, that 30 minute bath was amazing. My bath bomb was amazing. I did not want to get out of that bathtub. It was so relaxing and the scent lingered all night. I love the feel of the bath bombs dissolving. It feels so cool. I know I'm a nerd. But it is fun. Makes me feel like a little kid again. I smelled like that bath bomb for days. I think it got stuck in my hair. And since I don't wash my hair every time I shower, it stayed. 

The 100% Soap I received is so luxurious. I use it on my face and I have never loved how soap makes my skin feel, but this stuff works so well that I am okay with using it on my face. Other soaps that I have used on my face clog my pores and cause my face to break out but this does not. And that is a win in my book just for that. 

I also got a sample of the Aloe Vera Body Whip and it is also awesome. I have very dry skin during winter time, (As winter as winter can get in Florida) But my elbows and knees get very dry. The Aloe Vera Whip has greatly improved the dryness of them both. The Aloe Vera Body Whip can be used after you have been in the sun all day long and it helps with sun burns and can keep your tan longer. Your sunburns won't peel. 
(I will be putting this to the test this summer I burn like crazy thanks to my Irish side and red hair.) 

I love all of these amazing products. And I will be buying more bath bombs. They are some of the best I have tried. And I have tried quite a few brands. I can't wait to have some money to buy more. And I hope I can find time to actually get in the bath. 

I highly recommend these items. Every item I tried made me so relaxed and pampered. I will be coming back to buy more.

She also carries some men's line of products as well. So you can get something for your hubby. 

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  1. After a stressful day I like to take a walk with my hubby and decompress.

  2. To relax after a stressful day I like to browse the internet or catch up on shows i've missed. just have some ME time


  3. i relax by sitting in my room with just my lamp on and read a book..

  4. I spend time on the computer. It takes me away from the stress and allows me to relax.

  5. My relax time is after my kids go to bed..I catch up on my shows or my emails & just relax..Mommy time!
    Thank you!

  6. I hang out with my kids so we can all relax without the stress of being in a hurry to do anything.

  7. After a stressful day I like to read to my daughter.

  8. After a stressful day I take my dogs to a long walk, when I get home I take a warm bath with scented candles and relaxing music :)

  9. Watch TV without interruption (kinda hard with 5 kids somedays!)

  10. After a stressful day I like to have a nice warm bath, followed by cuddling up w/ my fiance and watching a movie together.

    Cristina Wyatt

    aguero.crissy at

  11. I like to put on something comfortable and go read a book on the patio.

  12. I would relax now with a glass of wine - I am moving soon and am looking forward to a bath, candles, and wine.

  13. get in the Jacuzzi tub and drift away

  14. I take a hot bath in the soaker tub and read a magazine
    msboatgal at

  15. either a hot bath (if I can find the time in between daily mommy duties) or crocheting

  16. relax...what does that mean!! If I can get both kids to sleep and stay asleep (at least for a little while) I love a hot bath with Grateful Dead playing in the background!


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