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For the past 2 years I have been trying to get my cycles in line so that once we decide to get pregnant again, things will go smoothly. We all know that our bodies are a mystery. And we don't always know what they are doing. It is hard and frustrating when you want to become pregnant. Everywhere you look you see women announcing their pregnancy, or having their babies. You want to be happy for them, but when your own body will not work like it is suppose to for something you want so badly, it is hard to feel happy for them. 

I have been trying to track my cycles to ease my mind for when we are ready to start trying. My cycles after Bug was born would seem normal. But that was because I was put on hormonal birth control after he was born. That was my very first mistake. I was very uneducated and allowed myself to take hormonal birth control for a year after he was born. After that year, I refused to take anymore because I was always getting sick from it. I did not like the way it made me feel at all. I knew I needed a change. So it has been 2 years and I have been tracking through CM, CP and Charting on my phone. I have a nifty iPhone app that allows me to put in a ton of information. But it was not helping me pinpoint my ovulation. My cycles were still very off. My calendar would show I was suppose to be ovulating, but my body would not ovulate until a week after. Which, obviously in-turn would cause my period to be late. And we all know, the two week wait is the worse. So you go and buy a ton of tests. And test after test is BFN. (Big Fat Negative) But you are 7 and 10 days late. But still getting BFN's. It is frustrating. So I wanted to try something new.

I contacted Fairhaven health and asked if I could review their Fertile Focus. Fertile Focus is a personal ovulation microscope. It is super compact and is the size of a lipstick. It is very simple to use. Every morning when I wake up, I put some saliva on the microscope and wait for it to dry. It is very neat. But you have to make sure you do not drink anything prior to using it as it washes the ferns away in your saliva. There is a nifty little button that you use to look through it and it lights it up. It is so intriguing that I never knew saliva ferns when ovulating. I find myself looking through the scope for a good 15 minutes. Because it is so neat. I can say that this neat little product has helped me pinpoint ovulation. Again, this is great for Natural family planning because it can help you avoid love making or it can help you know when to make love to better your chance of conceiving. We have personally be using it to abstain (for now) until hubby is ready.

(This is someone's real ferns just days before ovulation. This was taken from the website. I could not capture my own ferns clear enough to share) 

I also received a Basal Body Thermometer. I had heard that one of the best ways to figure out your ovulation day is to track through BBT. (Basal Body Temp) The difference between this thermometer and normal thermometers is that this thermometer shows and extra digit of your temperature. What do I mean? Instead of say 98.7 it would show 98.77 or 97.67 Those last digits show your peak of ovulation when it rises. With using this thermometer every day, every morning while still in bed (once you get up and moving around your temperature changes, so it's best to do it first thing in the morning) And recording it in my phone app. You have to make sure you do it everyday to get the most accurate reading. It does have a learning curve, as I would take my temperature and it would show up 2 different readings. But other than that, It is helping me figure out my cycles.

My body is really crazy though, because like I said before, my calendar would say I would be ovulating, but my body would not be ovulating. And throw my whole cycle off. For the past year that I have been tracking my cycles, they go from 28 days to 36 days and each month it is different. So I can not go by what a calendar tells me. These 2 devices have helped me figure out approximately when I do ovulate. I am not quite there yet. Nor am I ready for a BFP (Big fat positive) as much as I would love it. As a couple, we are not jointly ready. And I believe that BOTH husband and wife should be ready in the decision to have another child. My hubby says "If it happens it happens" We are taking no great lengths to prevent it. So who knows. Maybe deep down, he is ready. He just does not want to admit it. One can only hope right?

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