Ozeri Wine Bottle Opener Review

I was contacted by Ozeri again and asked if I would like to review a wine bottle opener. Since it was close to Valentines day, I thought why not? I'd pick up a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass or two one evening and try out this awesome product. I was super excited when my package came in the mail. I rushed off to the store and bought a nice bottle of wine. I had not had a glass in a very long time. So it was nice to be able to relax and watch a movie with a glass of wine. This wine bottle opener made it super simple. It has a very nifty foil cutter for around the top of the bottle. And the way it uncorks the bottle is super simple. I love this bottle opener. I loaned it to hubby's work so that they can use it for their wine. They are a privately owned movie theater that serves beer and wine. So it will be put to greater use that here at home. They have already told me how fast it opens the bottles. With the fast paced work environment they deal with, This product helps them a great deal. I love that it lights up when you press it down onto the bottle. This is unlike any other bottle opener I have ever seen. Though Valentines day is past, I highly recommend buying one of these bottle openers for your home or business. It is amazing.

You can purchase one on Amazon. They are on sale right now for a limited time for an extra 25% off for Valentines Day Until supplies last. So hurry before they run out. Ozeri Wine Opener's Are amazing.

 Pretty light. 
Foil cutter

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