World's Best Cat Litter Review & Giveaway

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Since we rescued our kitty a few months back, I have been looking for a natural option to cat litter. I had heard so many bad things about other companies and how the dust from the litter can be breathed in by kitty and cause harm to their lungs. And I knew I wanted to do everything I could to keep my princess healthy. So I did some research and found World's Best Cat Litter. The customer service was amazing. And shipping was lighting fast. I had to finish the last bit of litter we had before I could start using World's Best Cat Litter, And we have now been using it for just over a month and a half, I have to say, I am very impressed. Let me tell you why.

This cat litter is like none other on the market. It is made from whole kernel corn. And the best part is, you can smell the corn. I have always loved earthy smells, and this makes changing the litter so bearable. It contains no dust for kitty's to inhale. It is a safe natural alternative cat litter. I was worried that Moonlight would not care for it, because it's texture is also unlike any others out there. It is fine and light. Maybe too much so. I only say that, because Moonlight likes to kick a cup of litter out of the box each time she goes potty. And this is not because of the litter but because of not having a covered box. So that is next on my list of things to buy for her. But other than that she really seems to like it. 

The smell. Oh the smell... Oh wait, you can't smell anything with this litter. That is another great feature. You don't smell the box. You wouldn't even know that we had a cat if you came into our house because the litter absorbs the smell and holds it tight. We did run out of Earthborn Holistic food for her and hubby stupidly bought Meow Mix which has given her the runs again, So needless to say he is not allow to go shopping for the cat anymore as her little tummy can't handle the junk cat food. But the litter does seem to contain the smell of even the worst poops that comes from this cat. The only time you can smell anything is when she does not cover it, which is frequently. But she still manages to throw litter out of the box. Crazy cat. But I have to say, this litter is a win win for us. And because of that when I asked to review Mr.Chewy's service (Review to come) I ordered a 30lb bag of World's best cat litter. So needless to say, we will not be running out of this amazing product anytime soon. 

I love that this product comes in multiple forms.  Single Cat, Multiple Cat's and Scented Multiple Cat's.
I can not speak for the Multiple Cat's and Scented Multiple Cat's Litter, but I can only imagine they are 100 times better than the single formula. Since they are meant for more cat's they will work better on the smells and such. 

World's best cat litter is different because it is Pet and People friendly, It is quick clumping, One 7lb bag can last you a whole month with a single cat because of the quick clumping it keeps the rest of the litter dry and does not allow the urine to seep to the bottom of the litter box and does not allow the litter to stick to the sides of the box. It is also earth friendly because it uses renewable resources. Whole Kernel Corn. There is nothing about this litter I don't like. Except that my cat likes to fling it around the bathroom. But again, That is due to not having a covered box, not because of the litter itself. 

If you are a human to a cat, then you should really try this litter. And guess what? Because World's Best Cat Litter Customer service is so amazing, They are offering (3)7-8lb bags to 3 different winners. 1 Bag per reader that wins. So how do you win? 

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