I am still around...

I promise you, I am still here, I am just very busy with getting my forms and requirements done for my doula certification. I have not been home much to blog, as Doula school is not book work. Well it is sorta, I have to read 10+ books. I am not a big reader, but I am really enjoying these books because they are parenting books. But it is hard getting any reading time in as Bug has been more needy of me lately and I am not sure why. He is being very sensitive. Wanting to sleep in our bed more which I don't mind I just want my bug back. I am currently typing this with one hand as my other hand is being held by him. And he just fell back asleep. Ok. Just got my hand back. LOL.

Anyways, Like I was saying, I am working through Birth Arts International to get my Doula certification. I already have 2 clients lined up, so I have not been home as I have been running around town doing things for my clients and for my certification. I promise I will be posting more often. But I have so much to do before completion of my certification, I just want to do it all now and as fast as I can, So I have time to come back to my blog. I am slowly adding a giveaway here and there. I will have more, I promise. I have a ton lined up. Just please bear with me in this transition in my life.

Thank you. 

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