A lot has happened in a 2 weeks time period.

Way too much going on. 
The past 2 weeks has been super stressful. The lady I was babysitting for has been stalking me and harassing me over $30 that she owed me. She was already underpaying me and over working me. $90 a week for 10 hours days and a terrible 2 year old who does no wrong. Yeah I know he is only a 2 year old, but when they purposely spit food on your floor, smack your child, and steal and break toys, there is something wrong there.
This woman had nerve though, She said, I EXPECT you to potty learn my child? Uh, Sorry I didn't sign up for that. I said I would HELP teach your child, but it is not my sole responsibility to do so. Unless you do it at home, he will never learn. And Now I know why he has been so dead set against using the potty. After all this drama (and so much more went down than what I'm posting about BTW)
I found a picture on said woman's daughters Facebook page, of this poor boy trying to use the potty and he fell IN the potty and they were all gathered around laughing at him. The look on his face was nothing but terror. I hate to say but people like that, should not have children.
This woman, was dead set against paying me more than $90 a week and complained about $30 that she already OWED me. But she can afford $1,000 a week on groceries.
And she decided to assume that because we had just recently gotten brand new living room, patio, and bedroom furniture, that I did not need her money. WTH? Like where does she have the nerve to assume that? We were lucky to have a friend PAY in full for our stuff and we owe them the money for that stuff. Close to $2,000 for this stuff and she thinks we have money. Ugh.
Anyways, I have had nothing but problems from this woman in the 3 months I was babysitting for her. Her son would NOT listen whatsoever, and after all this. She stalks me and scares away potential clients.
She actually sat OUTSIDE my home and waited for someone to show up. The new client didn't even get to the front door before she started screaming at her. Then she followed her out of my community and told her that I beat the children. WTF? I don't even spank my OWN child. Why would I spank other's children. It hurt really bad, And I have not wanted to talk about it. But now I am ready to. Because after the crap she pulled, She made me feel like a monster. The look on the potential new client's face was terrible and looked at me as if I was going to murder her kids. I can't tell you the toll this has taken on me. I emailed the potential new client, and explained what was going on. She told me that she was sorry about what I was going through, but never replied as to weather or not she would like to try meeting me again. So there went $300 a week down the drain. And the stalker keep flagging my craigslist ad and having it removed so I can't get any new clients. I should not have to deal with this, but the great old Florida justice system fails again and said because she has not made any credible threats to me or my family, that there is nothing they can do. Which is bull. Anyways, because she threatened me with her brother who is a detective for our local sheriff's department. But I was not able to speak with him about it. But believe me, If she comes by my house again, I will be contacting him. And I did my snooping and found her address. So hopefully she is smart enough to stay away. If not, I will file charges. So this is what I have been dealing with, and this is why I have not been on, or posting.

Now that all of that drama, is *HOPEFULLY* over, I will start posting daily. Deals, info, sites, steals, ect. And I hope you will share my blog, and stick around.
I am working on doing everything to make this a better looking blog. I just need some time to work on it.
I am at Hubby's work today to watch movies, So I will be posting about what movies I watched and what I thought of them. I love my movies and I love getting out of the house.
Bug is spending the weekend with his Papa. Whom of which he will never be quiet about. It is always "Papa, Papa, Nona, Nona" Every time my dang phone rings.LOL.
Gotta love him <3 Miss him bunches though.


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