Unexpected family problems

This is really bugging me that I have not been able to post daily, But this time was more serious. My grandmother had an accident. And fell at home. She has been in the hospital since last Wednesday.

She had very low blood pressure and went to use the restroom and when she bent down to sit, she fell forward. Hitting her face on the newly remodeled shower with HARD tile. She got a huge black eye and was bleeding alot. My grandfather who is 83 years old, Somehow picked her up and called his fire department guys. He is a Chaplin for them and they are always there at a drop of a hat. And they would have gotten there faster than an ambluance anyways since they have a fire station 2 mins away from their house.
Well once they got their, My grandfather called my dad, and he called my step mom. My dad was only 15 mins away, and my step mom was an hour away. They both got there. My step mom met them at the hospital I believe. But anyways, She had an Angeogram (Spelling?!?) done on Thursday morning. That went great. She was still herself and doing fine. They kept her over the weekend to make sure that everything was good. And to see if the problem presented its self to the doctors, It didn't. So Monday morning, They did a test on her, to find out what the problem was. And if she needed a pacemaker or a defibrillator. The results came back that she needed a pacemaker, Well as they started the procedure and got it installed, something went wrong. I guess the wall of her heart was really thin and when they put the wires into her heart, her blood didn't clot and the hole did not close. Which cause bleeding. It formed a sack around her heart, and cause so much pressure that is cause her heart to stop. They drained the blood and had to do CPR on her to get her back.
Turns out that one of the chambers in her heart, are not creating any sparks to keep her heart pumping like it is suppose to. If she did not get the pacemaker she would have died. But the pacemaker also almost killed her. Her doctor, ( As much as I hate them) Is amazing, and we are VERY lucky to have had him be her doctor. But he also said that he has done 10,000 pacemaker installations and only had 2 cases where this had happened. My grandmothers being the second. It was really scary because we were all sitting in the waiting room and the doctor came in and asked anyone who was not family to leave. Which just left, My grandfather, My aunt who drove from Alabama, My father and myself. He spoke with us, And told us this information. They were done with the procedure, but could not get the bleeding to stop. So they put in a catheter to drain the blood. They said the sack that filled up was about 6oz of blood. Which was not a lot at the time. They allowed us to go see her in the OR where they had her under anesthesia, and tubes everywhere. We all lost it. I could not bear to go in and see her, but my Grandfather, Dad and Aunt did, My aunt also could not stand it, So I helped her out. We both held each other and cried. It was really hard seeing her like that. I am tearing up now just thinking about it. There was a really nice nurse who was with us and reassured us that she would be okay. I wish I had gotten her name, because she was the nicest nurse I have ever met. The doctor did not tell us about them loosing her though. We did not find that out until Monday night. We all went to visit her that evening, and It was even harder to see her in those conditions. At that point, we didn't know weather or not she would make it or not. When we went to visit, She was really pale, The bleeding had not stopped and she was ghost white. We could not handle to stay long. Yesterday, we went to visit, and she was awake and had the breathing tube removed. And we had to leave because she was not suppose to talk, but she was confused and did not know where she was and what was going on. I felt so bad. But last night when we went up to see her, we were able to talk to her and chat. Even though we did not explain what had happened. She was alot more calm. I hope she is able to come home soon. I am so glad I have my family in this time. I am so thankful for my fiance and son. I would be lost without them. Seeing the love that my grandparents have. Makes me know that life is really worth it. I will be going back to visit her soon. I just needed a breather of being away from home for almost a week. It is just so heartbreaking because just Saturday, she was up walking around talking and enjoying company. Even Bug got to go visit her and play with her. He loves his GG. Please pray for a speedy recovery for her and that she will be home soon.
This has all been very hard on us and we are so thankful to have the support of each other and their community from the church and fire department. I will update when I know more of what is going on.

I wish I had more updated pictures, But I dont. Once she gets better, I will be getting more pics of her with Bug. I always got pics of Him with Grandpa, because we always thought, that something like this would happen to him before her.

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